Back to School in Nigeria: How to engage your kids until school resumption

Back to School in Nigeria

Back to School in Nigeria: How to engage your kids until school resumption

The outbreak of ebola virus in Nigeria has forced the Federal Government to move nursery, primary and secondary schools resumption dates  from September to October. There are indication that before the commencement day, they will access the situation and see if the containment of the virus has shown better result that will enable schools to start.


All in all, Nigerian parents and their school children are at focus. Although this announcement might affect previous plans made by some parents, the challenging aspect of it is how to engage these children for the extra month they will spend at home since it was not initially planned out.


Although, it might also be different for few other parents who have been looking forward for an opportunity like this which will help them to spend quality time with their kids.


If you are still on the edge, scratching your head on what next to do to engage your kids in this extra one month they will be at home, I have gather some of the few activities or options that you might consider. Although it is not a complete list but this will give you some kind of ideas on what to do.


Please note that the list below is target to both nursery, primary and secondary school students. Some may be suitable for a particular group while others can be use among the different groups.


Learn a new skill

Learning a new skill at a young age has many advantages. This is the time to take a closer look at your kids and understand more about the skills or things they are passionate about and what they will like to do or learn.


There are many new skills that you can engage your children with in this extra one month. Thinking about them learning any kind of musical instrument like piano, guitar, violin.


If they have flare for music or dancing, you can arrange for a month introductory class for them. You can find our list of  dance schools in Nigeria and find anyone that is close to your location.


Learn Drive in any accredited driving School in Nigeria

If your child is  up to or above 18, this might be the best time to send him / her to learn driving. Driving is an essential skill almost everyone should have now. You don’t have to wait until you own a car before you learn how to drive.

Although we overlook this aspect of our lives in Nigeria, but the fact still remains that spending your child to a good driving school will help him or her become a better driver when he or she starts to drive.

Exposing your children to learn driving through teenage friends who does not even understand the rudiments of driving in a way exposes your child to danger.

If you are interested you can read our article about learning how to drive in Nigeria. 


Family Vacation

If you are at home for this one month that your kids will be at home, this may be the time to plan for a short family vacation with your children. It doesn’t have to be the most planned family vacation but something that will be fun and leaves an everlasting memories.


Although there are some cost consideration but it requires a little bit of planning. There are many options for a low budget family vacation. It boils down to articulated thinking and planning.


Visit their grandparents for a holiday

One of my childhood memories is when my parents sent me to the village to spend the holiday with my grandparents. Although the first few days were not funny but with time I grew into it and had the best holiday of my life. It was the first time I learnt how to ride “Long John” bicycle. Although it was not easy but I pulled it over.


It gave me the opportunity to connect with my grandparents more and understand how much love they had for me. Now, they are all done but when I close my eye I can make a drawing of different fun activities we did together as a kid then.


Home Tutor

Many people might be wondering why home tutor should be the last on this list. The simple answer is that there is no form of ranking in the list.


Yes, home tutoring service will help engage your children for this one extra month they will be at home.


It is also important to identify the subjects or topics that your children are finding difficult to understand and focus on the help they need.


There are different places where you can get this service but if you are living in Lagos you can check out


They might be many other things your kids can do in this extra one month of extended holiday, if you have engaged them with something or planning to do something that is not in this list, we will be glad if you can share what you have done and  how you are engaging them with our reader.


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