Back to School Checklist for Nigerian Parents

Back to school Checklist for Nigerian Parents

Back to School Checklist for Nigerian Parents

The beginning of a new academic year that should have started in September has been moved to October due to the out-break of Ebola virus. Although, many parents received this news with  mixed reaction but the Government is trying their best to make sure that the virus is well contained in Nigeria since it is does not have any cure yet and it is highly infectious.


But do not relax thinking that October is far away. Before you know it, October is here and your kids will be planning to return to school for a new academic year.


It is important to start setting your mind up on things you need to provide for your returning kids to school. It is hard when you do not have a list of what they might need. We have put up this list as a checklist to guide your and let you understand better what your kids might need when going back to school for the year term.


Although circumstances might vary slightly especially when you consider boarding students that require extra things that they will use to compliment what have been provided for them by their schools.


Uniform checklist

2 shirts

Boys – 2 pairs

Belt if needed

Girls – 2 pinafores / skirts and 1 pair trousers if it is allowed in school

Jumpers – 1 with a logo on and 1 plain for spare (if children are young, you might want an extra one)

Shoes / Sandals


Lightweight waterproof coat (foldable) / umbrella


For some schools you might also need…




Dinner tabard

Painting tabard

Backpack and school stuff


PE checklist

Gym bag



T-shirt (check your uniform guide for colours)

Pair of socks (especially for girls who might be wearing tights that day)

Swimming kit or other sports kit (in some schools)


Extras checklist

Name labels

Book bag (usually sold by the school)

Lunch box or bag

Small water bottle for lunch

Water bottle for daytime (schools may provide this and some might not use them yet)

Pencil case with pencil, pen (school might specify the type), coloured crayons, ruler, pencil sharpener, rubber
Music bag / musical instruments eg recorder, violin


Please make sure you inquiry from the school or teachers about the books they are going to use before making any purchase.


They might be few things missing in this list  but this is to give you an idea on what you might get for your back to school kids in Nigeria.


Part of this post was adopted from netmums