How to Homeschool a Two Year Old in Nigeria

Homeschooling in Nigeria

Starting out on homeschooling can make you go a little berserk. In preparation for your first year, you will need a calendar, chart or timetable whatever you choose to call it.

CREATE A CHART: first you will need to create a chart of timetable that will outline everything and all things that will be done from 8. 0 clock to 4pm, depending on your time frame. Your timetable may probably look like this;

The above is just a sample, you can decide to use, tables, pie charts or whatever makes it easy

for you, from my pie chart you can see I allocated same duration to each subjects but yours may vary depending on which you child needs more time on.


As a two year old they hardly know the difference between anything except those you told and showed them so you’re primary assignment to help them identify and say the following:

1  Numbers 1- 20

2  Letters A- Z

3  Common rhymes

4  Basic colours

5  Extras :

Saying their full names

The names of parents and siblings

Differentiating genders



National anthem/flag/president/state of origin etc

Holding a pencil



And so much more

When creating the time chart insert a 30 minutes break for rhymes, children love to sing and dance so instead of having them run around aimlessly during break time let them sing rhymes and dance. You could even make your numbers, colour and letters into rhymes and teach your kids.


There are possibilities your kids will fool around for the first weeks, because of course you are mummy or daddy! So try not to get frustrated when they just wont sit still, listen to you or they might even start a crying spree!. As a part time teacher I currently homeschool my 3 year old cousin, I started with her when she was two and for the whole year it’s not been easy but worth it.


As much as you will be patient and playful with them, you have to let them understand that, I might be your parent and play with you a lot but this is serious business and you have to obey. It will take days for them to adjust to the new you and understand the rules which should be.


If you dont want them to be turning left and right following every little sound and voice, use a quiet place for your lessons. It could be the back of the house or your sitting room if no one else is around. Keep all distractions away like food, water, crayons (if it’s not time for colouring), toys etc. Your two years old might just turn, cite a toy and say ‘mummy gives me that’ and I am very sure you would not want that. The environment should be free from car noises, neighbours intrusion. Most especially keep daddy away! Unless if he’s part of the teaching.


Kids love it when you say ‘good girl!’ or ‘clap for your self’ it excites them. Use it often as reward for good behaviour, promise them outings, sweets or games if they do what you want them to do.


This might not sit well with parents who have to homeschool naughty two year old kids, but try not to spank them; you can scold them with a scary face or words but do not spank them. Spanking builds fear and even though they will learn you child might become afraid of you everywhere.


You will surely need a curriculum on each subjects and follow it, so if ever you decide to stop homeschooling your two year old and send them to school they will be able to fit into the class fo their age bracket. You might problems of slow learning which will delay curriculum pattern do not skip anything let the child master each level before you move.


Crying: if he needs something satisfy it, if he’s tired take a break, if he’s just been naughty scold him.

Other chores: as mother you might have other things to do such as laundry, cooking, cleaning or maybe a younger baby, include all to your time chart.

Tiredness: sometimes you get tired take a break, if you have a lot to do outside teaching skip lessons. You can even take a week’s break, not necessarily lesson free but nothing new just revision. You can ask your child to read and sing while you cook or clean.

Following time: it’s perfectly normal to break the time chart and take a nap instead of teaching colours, so do not see yourself as a failure. The rule is JUST KEEP GOING.

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