WAEC Mathematics Area of Concentration

WAEC Mathematics Topics

The listed topics are main topics you should focus on if you want to pass your WAEC mathematics exam. If you are looking for real WAEC math questions and answer, sorry this post is not for you.

For those who really want to understand mathematics and build a solid foundation in their future academic pursuit should make use these topics.

Make sure you have study and understand the topics. If you run into problem in any of the topics, you can post the problem in our question and answer section and you will receive a quick detail solution.

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Bear in mind that there are many other sub-topics within these topics and I will advise you to dig in more into each topics so to understand the underlining principals and concepts behind the theory and practical

Many students are always afraid of mathematics but by believing you can do it and work very hard at the same time focusing more on what you should learn goes a long way to help you in your WAEC math questions.

WAEC Mathematics Topics to Concentration

1. Number And Numeration

2. Algebraic Processes

3. Plane Geometry

4. Trigonometry

5. Statistics And Probability

6. Vectors And Transformations in a Plane

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You can use our question section to ask for help with any question you face with WAEC math, NECO math and JAMB math.

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