Online Fashion and Design Schools for Nigerian Students


Online Fashion and Design Schools for Nigerian Students. How would you measure your level of creativity when it comes to fashion designing? Are you thinking of going to a fashion school but do not have the time for a classroom based teaching or do you want to add something new to your skill sets? Online fashion and design school might be the best option for you.


Fashion design is one of the oldest professions in the world. It is estimated that fashion industry generates around $20 billion dollars annually. In as much as there is huge revenue in fashion and design industry, the industry is also very competitive. For you to survive in fashion and design industry you must hone your skills continuously, make your design unique and elegant and also understand the business side of fashion and design.


Going to online fashion and design school adds value to time management. Besides, it will be an advantage later on in future if you decide to choose a career in fashion and design.


There are many fashion and design schools around the world that offer online fashion courses. It is important to actually understand what you need from an online fashion and design school. The questions you should first ask when search for online fashion and design school are; do you need a credit from the fashion course you will take? If you follow the complete online fashion and design program, do the fashion school awards certificate at the end?


Identifying the area of fashion and design you want to specialize is also important. Right from onset, it is easy to understand where your power and creativity lie in fashion and design. You can exploit this advantage and development it into a unique signature for your creative works.


There are many courses you can take in online fashion and design schools. Some of the courses are listed below. Note that some online fashion schools have special design courses they offer which might not be listed below. If you are the type that wants engaging online teaching methods, try and find fashion schools that dwell in online discussions, learning and teaching among students and teachers. In this way, you will learn new things from both your fellow students and teachers.


In Academy of Art University their “curriculum focuses on subjects such as market analysis, trend analysis, visual research, design conceptualization, marketing and promotion, product development, line-plan production, computer technology for design, and production and professional portfolio presentation”.


The following list includes some of the fashion schools that offer online fashion and design courses.


Academy of Art University


London College of Fashion 


Milan Fashion Campus 


College of Fashion Design


Fashion Institute of Technology


Online Fashion designing 


An important reason to attend some online fashion and design schools is to the amount of exposure you will get through your fashion design portfolio. Online fashion design final projects are made to conform to industry standard and your work may be selected to be displayed in major fashion runaways. In addition it affords more exposure and chance of landing your first career job in fashion and design industry. Look for online fashion and design schools that work in collaboration with many different internationally reorganized brands in fashion and who do employ graduates from the school.


One thing I did not mention about these online fashion and design schools listed above is that they charge different tuition fees for their courses. There are cheap online fashion and design school and also expensive ones. There is also an alternative to online fashion and design schools with paid tuition, you can consider enrolling in free online fashion and design schools. Most free online fashion and design schools use Open courseware to offer free lectures and materials that have been used in classroom teaching.


Have you taken a course in fashion and design online or are you currently taking a course online in fashion and design, we will look to share your experience about online fashion and design courses.


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