My 10 Favorite Books for Every Nursery School in Nigeria

Nursery school books in Nigeria

When it comes to thinking about preschool childcare for your toddler or child it can be quite confusing and challenging. The worry is often where you will put them that they will be safe, well looked after as well obtain the essential knowledge necessary for them to gain at their level. Our concerns as parents most times are playgroups, preschools, nurseries which one is best for them. It is often hard and difficult to figure out what the differences between them are and which among them is best for your child.


Preschools by and large fall into two categories, preschool playgroups and nursery schools. Preschool playgroups admit children aged between two and five, and are short sessions where children stay and play with other children of their age.


Nursery classes and schools (not to be confused with day nurseries) take children aged 3 and 4 years old, typically for the year before they start the first school year. They are every now and then attached to a primary school. Both types have it in mind to make available grounding for the child to begin school, offering a range of planned educational experiences based on education through play.


Children who are opportune to have experience in the pre-school most often find it easier to adapt when they will be starting their first year in the primary school proper more than the children who hadn’t that opportunity.


They learn a lot of things ranging from English Language, Identification of numbers and Mathematics, verbal reasoning, health education, fine arts and coloring etc. During this period they learn to identify numbers as well as write them. They also learn to recognize the letters of alphabets and how to write them.


They also recite varieties of rhymes and commit them to memory. They learn what social relationship means by playing, singing, chatting and learning with other children of their age mate.


There are recommended textbooks for children within this age limits to use. The different schools make use of different approved textbooks but all of them have the same or similar standards as long as they have been approved. They mostly contain colored pictures and illustrations that help to capture the pupil’s attention and motivating them to learn through play.


Preschool is mostly available in urban areas and are mostly operated, owned and managed by private individuals or organizations rather than the government. Government schools usually begin with primary school education. The 10 favorite books that every nursery school should lay their hands on are listed below:



TEXTBOOKS/MATERIALS                     PUBLISHER(S)             AUTHOR(S)


1.  Modular English Course

for Pry Sch Book 1                                      Evans                          S. O. Ayodele et al



2. Structural Eng. Workbooks Book 1       African Univ. Press        Ronald Ridout



3. My First Oxford Dictionary                    Oxford Univ Press          Evelyn Goldsmith



4. The Queen Primer – Part 1                   Spectrum Books Ltd        Victoria Regina



5. Eng. Lit., The Cat and the Rat              Onibonoje Press             Olu Owolabi



6. Eng. Lit., Kiddies Panorama                 Extension Publication       Olusola Olatunji



7. Eng. Lit. Sofiat and Her

Father’s Horse                                           Rasmed                      T.A.O. Olayiwola



8. Eng. Lit. A Lesson for Grandpa              Rasmed                      Kayode Adeyemi



9. New Approach to Verbal

Reasoning Bk. 1                                         Rasmed                    T.A.O. Olayiwola


10. Sci.& Tech Basic Science

and Technology Book 1                           Nelson  Igwe I.           O. et al



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