Math Games Online: The Advantages of Using Math Games in Teaching and Learning

Math Games Online

Math Games Online

Every child likes to play games. It has been proved that math games online apart from being fun can be as well be used as a productive tools in children learning exercises.


The questions we should ask ourselves are what are those reasons why math games online are useful teaching resources for students? Are all games useful as educational resources, if so do they offer equal benefits to learners or are there games that are better?


If some games are better for teaching and learning what are those things that made them better. This article provides parents, teachers and students as well with useful information regarding the use of math games online to enhance teaching and learning.


The meaning of math games online

There is a difference between activities and games. Math teachers should be able to differentiate between two of them.  A game is supposed to have at least two people to be complete- Gough (1999).


The people participating in the game need to take turns to play the game compete with the other partner to determine the winner at the end of the session. The main point in his definition of a game lies on the participants making choice. What it means is that thins like snake and ladders which depend on probability to earn a winning position is not actually math games online.


For this type of thing, the players don’t have to make choice and they aren’t expected to think anything apart from counting. Again, what a partner does has no effect on what the other partner does.


Again, still more about the meaning of math games online, Oldfield (1991) said that math games are those actions that require a challenge from a partner, typically in opposition to other partner, those actions that have rules guiding the way they are played, those actions that according to their structure has a start and end point and those actions that have particular mathematical cognitive purposes.


There are many things to benefit from using math games online. Some of these advantages are listed below

  • The math games online generate significant opportunities for the mat skills appliance.


  •  Math games online is a great motivation for children to freely learn, enjoy and appreciate math.


  •  Math games being a fun way to study and learn help children to develop love for math as well as develop


  • positive attitude towards math as something that they could do very well without having to dread for failure.


  • Online math games also provide opportunity for better and enhanced learning. When you compared what the children can learn in a normal math class with that online math games, you would discover that as a result of more interaction they have with one another in online math games they tend to learn more problem solving methods easily.
  • Online math games can assist children to reach different levels of learning and make them able to assist one another. A child who is taking part in an online game for the first time for an example would know less than somebody who is participating in it the second time and the third time respectively.


  • Online math games as well help children to easily decipher the thinking and learning ability of the child children in a friendlier environment.


  • With the online math games having its rules and regulations, children easily learn how to work independent of their teacher as they become more and more accustomed with the game.