JAMB Past Questions; English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics and Government

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I have made a collection of JAMB past questions for students planning to study engineering, Law, Social Science, Environmental Science and Biological Science programs in Nigerian universities. The JAMB past questions cover the following JAMB subjects’ English language, Mathematics  Physics, Biology, Government and Economics. In each of the JAMB subject, JAMB past questions are from 1983 – 2004 exam year.


The importance of these compiled and downloadable JAMB past questions is to let current and future JAMB candidates the opportunity to have a comprehensive JAMB past questions at their disposal. Students that devote much time to study and practice with the compiled JAMB past questions and are able to score very high are sure of passing next up-coming JAMB exam.


Remember, you can always seek help when you find it difficult to understand a concept or principles behind some topics. This is one of the best ways to learn apart from you own personal devotion and hard-work.


I will list other useful resources we have gathered together for those preparing for JAMB exam apart from JAMB past questions. You can read them now or whenever you have time but be assured that you will gain so much by reading these materials.


Best Way to Answer JAMB Math Question 


Gaining Admission into Nigerian Universities without Passing through JAMB 


How to Pass JAMB Exam


JAMB Direct Entry Process 



On a second note, for those writing the computer based test exam, it is time to practice how to use and be comfortable with computer based test. We are trying to build a complete database of past questions online so that students can practice and learn how to manage time during JAMB exam. If you want to try one of our online JAMB test quizzes, click the link below.


JAMB Chemistry Computer Based Test  


Now, back to our new compiled JAMB past questions for students. You can download the questions below.







JAMB Chemistry Past Questions

JAMB Chemistry Past Questions (921.7 KiB, 32049 downloads)


JAMB English Language Past Questions

JAMB English Language (941.9 KiB, 31220 downloads)


JAMB Biology Past Questions

JAMB Biology (1.0 MiB, 16611 downloads)


JAMB Physics Past Questions

JAMB Physics (1.2 MiB, 24685 downloads)


JAMB Economics Past Questions

JAMB Economics (541.2 KiB, 12499 downloads)


JAMB Government Past Questions

JAMB Governemnt (357.2 KiB, 10408 downloads)


I wish you the best in your up-coming JAMB examination.


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