Innovative Math Lessons: Effective Teaching Tools of Math Lesson and Teaching

Math lessons

Innovative Math Lessons

Pioneering educators recognize that math lessons don’t need to be mind-numbing or nonfigurative. There are many new ideas for making your math lessons interesting and fun. My preferred suggestion for math teachers who want to teach math artistically is math casting.


It is a fun-filled and innovative way of teaching math lessons in the school. What is fantastic about it is that it is easily available online free of charge. It is also very simple and easy to use.  There are a lot of accessible math tools that will let teachers of math lessons effortlessly get their students to become more interested in math.


We have enumerated some of those tools in this article. See below:

  • The chalkboard, whiteboard, blackboard or paper to write on is the 1st essential tool which is very easy and simple to use for teaching of daily math lessons.


  • The math book or prospectus. For math lessons home teachers, it is always a bit difficult to figure out which core curriculum to use. If you are a home school teacher, you should take two things into consideration while using prospectus.


  •    Irrespective of the curriculum you have chosen to use endeavor not to be too rigid. You are the teacher and must be in charge. The curriculum should not be tying you down. It is meant to provide a guide to follow and not to make you its slave. You can make some adjustments on the curriculum to suit your teaching method and your student.   b)   If you made a wrong choice of curriculum and book, there is no need to worry yourself to death. You have an option to re-sell it through the home-school swap boards, and choose another one.


  • Scheming/manipulatives: This means making using manipulatives to aid your student learn better while you teach. Manipulatives are essential math lessons tool but they are not an end. They are just what the students could manipulate with their hands to help them have a better grasp of the lesson that the teacher is giving. You can make use of either basic manipulatives or virtual manipulatives Example of basic manipulatives is the simple abacus, measuring cups, scales, algebra tiles and so on.


  • Another set of tools a teacher of math lessons must have is geometrical and measuring tool. They are very useful and crucial. Nowadays, dynamic software can be used in place of the compass and the ruler and they look more fantastic and are simple to use.


  • Math lessons tools are many and are in fact countless. Some game or games are very helpful for driving home some fundamental facts to the students. Do feel free to use them when necessary. Math games can actually be applied to teach any math lesson which makes the great for teaching math lessons innovatively.


  • You could as well make use of math software to assist you when teaching your students how to plot graphs or when teaching them algebra or calculus. You can get many other math lessons tools online by using the math forum’s mathtools. The mathtools is a collection of technological math tools, math lessons, math activities and helpful materials that helps in math teaching and learning.