Hire a French Teacher in Nigeria

You can easily hire a french teacher in Nigeria with us.

In Nigeria there are many places you can enroll to study french. While some are bad others are good but learning a second language in a place where less than one percent of the popular speak french language is challenging.


French as a language is one of the most popular languages on earth and having the ability to learn, speak and write multiple languages gives you a competitive advantages in some many areas like in your career.

We are bring to your door step a simple approach that will help you become proficient in french language at the same time not have the feeling that you are learning something new and difficult.


Our learning package is not for those in Nigeria, who have abundant time and who can follow a regular french classes offline but for people with strong tight schedule and need a flexible time table while learning french.


I have got your need. Right now we have highly qualify teachers who are experience in teaching french in a way you will get use to the language in a couple of months. Not just that, they use state of art technologies that make online teaching and collaboration very easily. I promise you will enjoy being part of our french language online classes in Nigeria.


One good thing you should understand is that most of our teachers are born in french speaking countries and french is their first language and they went as far as getting degrees in french language couple with their teaching career.


We have a month money payback policy when you enroll and feel that we could not delivery, we will pay you back within the first one month of enrollment.


If you are interested in hiring one of our French teachers, kindly contact us using

our contact page and let the subject of the message read French teacher wanted in Nigeria.


I will get back to you and from our subsequent discussion we will understand which curriculum is best for you and we will assign you one of our tutors.


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