Exam Malpractice Can Be Stopped. Here Is How

Exam malpractice

Exam Malpractice Can Be Stopped. Here Is How

Examination Malpractice can be  defined as any deliberate act of wrong doing, contrary to the rules of examinations designed to give a candidate an unfair advantage or to place a candidate at a disadvantage.


Examinations   in Nigeria has in recent times been characterized with increasing reports of cheating, leakage of examination  papers, use of mobile texting systems to deliver answers to examination candidates, ghost examination halls, and more of what they now collectively refer to as “Exam Runz“.


Well, here are possible ways to curb the menace of examination malpractice In Nigeria.


The following measures can be adopted to save the future of Nigerian students from  cheating in examinations.


1. Sound educational policy should be put in place with emphasis on the supremacy of certificates over skills and professional competence.


2. Appointment of supervisors of proven integrity and who are independent of the examinations centers.


3. The remuneration of invigilators and supervisors should be attractable that would not allow one to think of taking bribe to add to his earnings.


4. Ensure that only formally registered candidates sit for the examination.


5. Religious and community leaders should be used to intervene on parents who insist on their children getting the best result without genuine efforts for it.


6. Prohibition on  the use of electronic devices including cellular phones and IPADS during examinations.


7. School teachers should be motivated and remunerated adequately and learning environment made friendly so that they can do their work satisfactorily and cover the syllabus before examinations.


8. There should be frequent unannounced visits by officials of examination centers and erring centers should be punished.


9. The rigidity and timing of examinations should be reviewed in a such a way that when a student complains genuinely that he cannot write an examination another time suitable should be organized for him, this will eliminate the phobia of failure which may result in malpractice.


In Conclusion

Examination malpractice contravenes the rules and regulations guiding the conduct of examinations. The causes could be attributed to the behavior of examiners, parents and system.


The consequences could be catastrophic to the education system which will in turn fill the the society with certificated illiterates.