Education and Technology: The Concept of Educational Technology and Educational Technologist

Education and Technology

Education and Technology

Education and technology can sometimes be referred to EdTech. It is the learning of and principled performance of facilitating e-learning which is studying and enhancing performance by creating, using and managing suitable technical practices and assets.


The education and technology is over and over again connected with, and covers, teaching theory as well as learning theory. Teaching technology is “the theory and practice of design, development, utilization, management, and evaluation of processes and resources for learning,” according to the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) Definitions and Terminology Committee while in education and technology other methods used in the practice of increasing human capacity and intention is involved.


The topics covered in education and technology includes software, hardware, together with online applications, like wikis and blogs etc. Though there is still an argument on what these terms stands for.


Technology and education simply put is a collection of tools that might be crucial and essential in augmenting and enhancing student learning and could be assessed as how and why individuals behave.


Education and Technology depend on a wide-ranging definition of the word “technology.” Technology can be defined as to materials that are useful to the human race like machines or hardware.


It can as well mean a lot more and wider themes like systems, processes of organization, and methods-a number of contemporary tools like slides, overhead projectors, laptop computers, calculators etc.


Fresher innovative tools like smartphones and online and offline games are starting to gain more attention due to their potential to educate and assist in learning.


Media psychology is the field of study that applies theories of human behaviors to education and technology. According to the Handbook of Human Performance Technology, the word technology in conjunction with its sister fields of Education and Human achievement is referred to as “applied science.”What we mean by this is that any legitimate and trustworthy procedure or method that is the end result of fundamental research using the “systematic procedure” is well thought-out as a “technology.”



Education and technology   or Human Achievement Technology may be completely reliant on logical step-by-step procedures or processes involving trial and errors, but none of them essentially entails objective technology.


The word technology is derived from the Greek word “techne” and means skill or art. The word, “technique,” which also originated from the above Greek word also could be borrowed when taking into consideration the field of education and technology. In this light, education and technology could be stretched to also express the techniques the educator follows while educating people.


Some people normally regard and educational technologist as a person changes fundamental research on education and psychology into an applied science that is based on evidence (or a technology) of learning or instruction.


Usually,  an Educational Technologist characteristically have a graduate degree –either Master’s, Doctorate, Ph.D., or D.Phil. in a field  that is interconnected with educational psychology, educational media, investigational psychology, cognitive psychology or, in the fields of pure education , teaching activities, human performance, education and technology. However, only few people who actually are educational technologist would love to address themselves as such rather they prefer being addressed as an educator.