Classroom Technology: The Impact of Classroom Technology in the Lives of Teachers and Students

Classroom technology

Classroom Technology

Classroom technology has continuously been adopted and incorporated in school curriculum in recent years due to the increase in technological advancement.


Not so many years ago, the internet was restricted both in what it can do and who can make use of it. A lot of people had heard about the internet but they did not quite understand then what it was all about.


Presently, the majorities of teachers and educationists have been exposed to the internet world and now make use of it both in the school and at home. Many schools are now re-organizing to make internet connection available in every one of their classrooms.


The more exciting thing about the classroom technology is that most schools are going for wireless classroom. This is a new innovative technology which consists of portable laptops.


Any school that wishes could pay for a ‘moveable Classroom.’  This is a classroom that has laptops that are connected together via a network. What this means is that the students can comfortably work from their individual desk and be able to send their works off to print if printer is connected to the network without being disrupted by network cables. The laptops are connected via wireless network.


With this type of classroom technology, the teacher’s role is reduced to a role of a moderator. He still moves from place to place while teaching but ceases to be the sole focus of attention but the students are also more actively engaged with their laptops as they watch the teacher teach and illustrate.


Technology is everywhere, embracing almost every part of our lives as individuals.  Nevertheless, many schools are still behind in terms of integrating classroom technology into their school curriculum.


When the technologies are properly integrated into the classroom, students are maximally helped to achieve their potentials by exploring all that technology has to offer to teaching and learning.


It will also help students to acquire in a hassle-free and engaging manner technological skills that will help them to fit into the fast technologically advancing world of ours when they are out of school.


Classroom technology does not only mean teaching the students basic computer skills and software programs. Proper classroom technology must embrace the entire curriculum in a manner that assists the student to be able to learn how to improve on their educational research and eventually their whole educational training and experience.


Efficient classroom technology ought to maintain four means of learning. It must be able to impact on the student’s active commitment, involvement in groups, recurrent communication and response, and correlation to real-world specialists.


Efficient classroom technology integration is attained when technological applications in the classroom are more or less an everyday practice and made crystal clear. It is attained and accomplished when the technology used add positively to the aim for the student’s curriculum.


Countless numbers of people today trust that classroom technology incorporation in schools is the best way to go to enhance the students learning potentials.


It assist students to learn via projects as well as make available for them technological implements that will challenge their intellects as well as exposing them to what they will meet in outside world when they finish their studies.


By working on the various assignments given to them, the students obtain and improve their skills in analysis and problem-solving while working on their own or working in a group.


The diversity of learning materials that the students can discover online also provides the students with a wider and more interesting/up to date educational resources.


With the varieties of internet resources available with classroom technologies, the students are no longer only limited to the school libraries when they make researches especially when it has to do with a more difficult topic.


Classroom technology also alters teachers’ mode of teaching and provide teachers with efficient manners to handle students of various learning capabilities and IQs.