Become An Online Tutor in Nigeria

Have you try doing what you have never consider doing before? We are all born with innate potentials, we are rich inside and we can do beyond what we thought. Take a moment and a fresh breath, there are different opportunities you can use to harness the full potentials in you.
Some people have make living where they did not think they could. Why not try becoming a tutor and earn money while helping students with their educational needs. You might think you must be a professional teacher before you could do that. No, other teachers like you are making cool money online are teaching students.
Who can I start? A race of a thousand mile starts by a step. One of the best platforms in Nigeria for Nigerian students and teachers is Toscany Academy. The first step is to register as a teacher and update you profile information and your condition of services. You have the opportunity to set your own hourly price and set your calendar for student to know when you are free for booking. You can also search through our tutor’s request page to see students that might need your help in your area of specialization.
Many teachers using this platform have connected to students and are making money and doing what they like to do best. You can join our premium tutors and enjoy many of the numerous advantages and enhance your income in fullness.

ToscanyAcademy is a member contributed edublog that provides educational information to Nigerian students and students abroad. It also focuses on bringing teaching tools and resources to Nigerian teachers. Almost all the articles posted here were contributed by people who have passion in sharing their knowledge. If you wish to contribute your own article(s), you can use this email to contact us admin[at]


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