8 tips that will actually help your career advance


8 tips that will actually help your career advance

Do you want to advance in your career?

Are you just starting a job and you need tips to advance your career?

I remember exactly the joy I experience when I got my first job. The euphoria of a new job quickly died down as start to realize that there is a difference between getting a job and succeeding in a career.

No matter where you find yourself, here are my top 8 tips to survive in a workplace.

Impress your boss:

One of the major mistakes you can make in a new job is to work according to what is important o your job and not your boss or the company.

Your boss is most likely the first person to give an opinion about you either it is right or biased. Know the project that is important to your boss. Understand how you can use your experience or if possible your job role to help your boss in delivering.


1. Avoid Scandals:

Sex sells but not in the office. There are lot of things that can kill your career faster than others. People will forgive you for a some things but not for scandals that are sexual,financial or ethical in nature.

Take about Bill Clinton

When you are due for promotion or seeking an office, people will hold you to standards. All these usually count in your record so it is important your employment record is clean.


2. Listen more and speak less:

People will not judge you because of what you heard, but they will crucify you for what you say. People who listen more are (support with statistics).

If you find yourself in a new job or environment, learn all you need to know about your job, colleagues and the powers that be rather than talking about them.

The less you speak the less risk of you saying something that can hurt some big ego.


3. Don’t play office politics:

Some people will tell you that it is healthy to play office politics. That politics is even played iat home.

In a way they are right but one of the workplace rules I live by is not to get involved in office politics. Except you are in a managerial role or you are a board room member, then avoid getting involved in office politics.

People come and go. Leaders, boss and management may come and go but one thing you have which you should use to your advantage is your skills and how good you are at your job.

Butt kissing, ass licking may give you a push but it will be a temporary relief. What will set you apart is how good you are at what you do.


4. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others:

Never compare yourself to other, you simply have no idea of what they have to do or what they are going through.

Often time we are tempted to do this. Instead of comparing yourself to other, try to learn from the mistakes and successes.

When you compare yourself to other, two things might happen.

If you do and fail to measure up you might lose some confidence in yourself and your abilities. If on the other hand you perform more than those you compare yourself with you might begin to feel you have arrived and nothing makes a man lazier than that.


5. There is no use crying over spilled milk:

Made a mistake in the past? There is no need hitting your head over the wall over that. Mistakes happen all the time and there is no use dwelling on it.

Maturity comes when you are able to take responsibility for your actions and inaction. Learn to laugh at yourself but make sure you learn from all your errors. Use them as a learning curve as you grow in your career. And don’t forget, you are not the only one who can commit an error, learn from the mistakes of others also.


6. Believe in Yourself:

Most people think it is modest to rate themselves low but there is a huge difference between being confident and being arrogant. To advance in your career, you need to make sure that people begin to see you as an “expert” in your field.

The way you present yourself is the same way people will see you. Think highly of yourself and what you do and people will begin to believe in you. Think so lowly of yourself and they will see you in the same light.


7. Develop Your Skills Regularly:

Once in my career, whereas my colleagues were complaining about the company, industry and almost everything around them, I was busy studying and learning new skills to add to my qualifications.

This new set of skills was one of the reasons I got my job today. To advance quickly you need to improve yourself and this means either taking a new qualification or adding new skills that can help you grow in your career.



You can advance quickly or at least survive the office environment if you follow these tips. These same tips have helped me survive 3 major shakeups.

Muyiwa Oyadiaro is a recruitment officer with ICS Limited

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