5 Most Expensive Private Universities in Nigeria

5 Most Expensive Private Universities in Nigeria

5 Most Expensive Private Universities in Nigeria

I know that most people will not like to read this post because it says 5 most expensive universities in Nigeria. The reason being that many Nigerians cannot afford to pay for these universities; it is built for the rich. But notwithstanding, it is also important for us to understanding how much Nigerian students are paying in private universities for their degree.


Currently, there is education crisis in Nigeria. There are many students looking for admission to further their education in different higher institutions of learning in Nigeria but they can’t due to the limited space available.


The spring of private universities in Nigeria has helped but more needs to be done. Private universities in Nigeria are run by individuals and private organization but each private university must be accredited by National University Commission before they can admit students and start operations.


Most private universities have argue that because of the high standard and quality education they offer, students who wish to enrol must be willing to pay higher than what is obtainable in public universities in Nigeria and private universities do not enjoy any form of subsidy from government.


As a result of higher education demand in Nigeria, the demand for space in these expensive universities in Nigeria is also high. There are few reasons why many students will choose to study in expensive private university in Nigeria despite the cost.


The most important being a fix and well followed study plan. This means that if you enrol in four years program you are sure to graduate in four years.


There is also a general believe that most of these expensive private universities set high standard of teaching and education administration.


You can find information about 5 cheapest private universities in Nigeria here.


Right now we are going to take a look on these universities that made this list and see what their tuitions look like



Babcock school fees: Medicine: N3 million, Law: N2 million, Accounting: N1.5 million, Nursing: N1 million, other faculties: N860,000 – N620,000



For tuition: $6,600 (N990,000), meals: $1,900 (285,000), four in a room: $500 (N75,000), private room: $1,900 – N285,000). In total, it amounts to N1,378,500 per annum.



For Engineering: N925,000 (4 beds) and N1,075,000 (2 beds).

Health Science: N725,000 (4 beds) and N875,000 (2 beds)

Sciences: N675,000 (4 beds) and N825,000 (2 beds)

Social Management Science: N675,000 (4 beds) and N825,000 (2 beds)

The fee ranges from N675,000 to N1,075,000 annually. There is no provision for feeding.



The tuition ranges from N540,000 to N820,000 without feeding. For Medicine, Pharmacy, Law and Engineering, they pay a tuition of N610,000, accommodation: N100,000 and other facilities: N110,000.



The tuition fee ranges from N500,000 to N750,000 per annum.


If you disagree with any information listed about tuition, kindly use the comment box and let us know.


Finally, if you have this amount of money, will you use it for a private university or save some money and head over to a public university in Nigeria? Let’s hear your thought.