10 Types Of People You Will Find In JAMB Exam Centres

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10 Types Of People You Will Find In JAMB Exam Centres

As we all know, we are the period of JAMB, so I’ve drafted a list of the possible types of people you’ll meet in the exam centers.


1.The first timers: They look so young and naive and you begin to wonder how a small boy/gal can be writing JAMB you can spot them by their behaviors of asking so many irrelevant questions like will calculators be given? how many questions in English? Etc


2.The fashion freaks: Need as say more about these people, they will go and buy new clothes and make new hairs for a day exam(na exam no b party na)


3.The I don’t care: they don’t care if they pass or fail JAMB, because na Private university their papa dey carry them go


4.Legend of Admission Seekers: Even Dibu knows these people; they have written JAMB up to 10 times(okay I exaggerated)


5.The Gurus these are the people that will score like 300+ in JAMB, you can hardly recognize them, them be like winch


6.Those that came to chyke gals and vise versa I wonder if these people have no ambition, they will be thinking about how to get the number of the fair gal with big boobs after the exam.


7.The expo carriers even if JAMB starts Oral based Test, they will still cheat, I wonder how they do it


8.Those who will pass


9.Those who will fail


10.Add yours and let the flow continue


I wish all Jambites success, we go open testimony thread for Una, may you be part of that thread IJN.


Source: Nairaland

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3 Responses to “10 Types Of People You Will Find In JAMB Exam Centres”

  1. Adefemi Adebayo

    Mar 13. 2015

    Wishing all Jambite success in their exams.

  2. Chima Roseline Serene

    Sep 08. 2015

    Please for those of you preparing to write JAMB: be prepared for once and don't pretend to have prepared when you have not…SUCCESS TO YOU ALL..!

  3. Akinmuleya Bukola

    Feb 25. 2016

    success 2 u all

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