Recommended Books for JAMB English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology

recommended books for jamb exam

Recommended Books for JAMB English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology

Days run so fast and time flies. It has not been long that JAMB released the 2014 JAMB exam. Although there is a massive failure just as the previous years but the fact still remains that very soon, JAMB will start selling JAMB form for JAMB 2015 exam registration.


This article is target to candidates planning to take part in upcoming JAMB exam in 2015. If you start early enough to prepare for your JAMB exam by the time the exam gets closer, you will be ready to face the exam and come out successful.


If you are writing JAMB for the first time by 2015, it is important that you read this post that explain in details how to register for your JAMB exam.


This post is all about letting you know about some personal recommended books that you should ready for your upcoming JAMB exam. You should not wait until one month to the exam before you start reading. The earlier the better.


Once you have cultivated the habit of reading, you will develop the argue to read every moment of your life. You cannot imagine how this simple gesture can transform life in a positive way.


We are going to focus on some of the recommended books for candidates sitting for core or partial science subjects in JAMB exam. The books recommendation will cover the following subjects: JAMB English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology.


If you are interested in art subjects like Economics, Government, Commerce and Accounting, you should endeavour to read one of our posts that covers the recommended books in that area.


Lets go ahead to list our recommended books for JAMB exam. Please note that this is a personal recommendation base on the authors experience writing and passing JAMB exam. If you need a comprehensive recommended books for both Junior and senior secondary students in Nigeria, you can find it here.


Recommended Books for JAMB English

A-Z jamb use of English by Dele Ashade,

Catch up English by Okebukola(Heinemann) a

The invisible teacher by Dele Ashade.


Recommended Books for JAMB Mathematics

New General Mathematics for Senior Secondary 3

Progressive Mathematics for SS3 (Macmillan)

Further Mathematics project 1 – 3: by Tuttuh Adegun, M.R Sivasubramaniam, S. Adegoke, R


Recommended Books for JAMB Chemistry

New school chemistry by Ababio

Certificate chem by Lambert and Holderness.


Recommended Books for JAMB Physics

New sch physics by Anyakoha

Calculations in physics by Omotosho

Comprehensive Physics


Recommended Books for JAMB Biology

Comprehensive certificate Biology by Ambuno Sunday

Modern biology


I will always like to say that by the time you have read these books cover to cover, you can pick up JAMB past exam questions to see how much you have learned. JAMB Past questions are also an important tool for JAMB exam preparation and it will give you an insight on what to expect from JAMB exam and you get to know how ready you are when you time yourself and work through JAMB past questions.


If you have any book(s) you wish to recommend or you have used and find it worthy to be included in this list. Kindly drop a message in the comment section.


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