Learn how to drive in Nigeria

how to drive in Nigeria

Learn how to drive in Nigeria

Learn how to drive in Nigeria is a comprehensive information for Nigerians that are planning to learn how to drive for first time


Driving is an important knowledge any Nigerian that is 18 years and above should have. Most people always think that you can only learn how to drive when you buy your own car. This line of thinking can hinder someone from seeing other reasons why it is important to learn how to drive in Nigeria.


In most countries, people place learning how to drive in their top priority the moment they attend driving age. Most  do not have their own car and are not planning to get one but they understand how important it is.


There are different ways you can learn how to drive in Nigeria but it is important that you follow the procedures lay down by Nigerian Road Safety Commission in order to get your driving licence fast.


It is also unfortunate that most Nigerians who drive on our roads do not have a driving licence. They fail to understand what it means to attend a proper and registered driving school. Knowing how to move a car does not make you eligible to jump into the road and start driving.


One of the main important reasons of learning how to drive in Nigeria is understanding road signs and traffic instructions as it relates to Nigeria roads and traffic laws.


The cost of pay to learn how to drive in Nigeria outweighs the risk of trying to do it yourself or through a friend who does not have a certificate to teach people to drive in Nigeria. You should also understand that not learning how to drive properly can endanger your life and the lives of other people using the same road with you.


A lot of accidents in Nigerian roads are as a result of improper training on how to drive and in many cases it does affect innocent people.


If you are planning to learn how to drive now in Nigeria, the best advice is to look for any of the accredited driving school in your state that is closer to where you live and enrol in their driving school class. They will teach you want you need to know about driving in Nigeria and they will also help you with your driving test and how to obtain your driving licence.


There are many schools out their and individuals how are not registered agent but they offer the same services. It is left for you to choose the path you want to follow. But alway know that what is worth doing well should be done well. In whatever decision you are making always know that your life is involved.


How much does it cost to learn driving in Nigeria

There is no fixed price in learning how to drive in Nigeria since it depends on the kind of courses and time frame you are planning to spend. This simple price listing from AA Rescue driving school will give you some insight on what it cost to learn how to drive in Nigeria.


Intensive program (3 Weeks + Book) everyday lesson = N42,000 + 5% VAT

Regular program (5 Weeks + Book) 3 times/week = N36,750 + 5% VAT

Weekend program (Saturday only + Book) 2 lessons = N36,750 + 5% VAT


Basically, what I found out with most registered driving schools is that their price ranges from N30,000 and above depending on the driving package you choose.


How to obtain driving licence in Nigeria

After you must have finish learning how to drive in Nigeria, the next stage is how to apply and obtain your driving licence in Nigeria. This is every easy to do although most registered driving schools will assist you in getting your driving licence once your pass your driving test exam.


If you need more information on how you can obtain a driving licence in Nigeria, kindly read our detailed post on this topic here How to obtain driving licence in Nigeria 



FRSC Accredited Driving Schools at Each States in Nigeria

Akwa Ibom
Cross River


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