Book Giveaway : Microbiology A Human Perspective 4th Edition

Our Giveaway This Forth-Week

We have come with a new plan through the support of our able and committed community; who first and foremost want to see you succeed with your education and hope in near future you will help others the way you have been helped.

I am quite sure you know what I am talking about. From now on, we are giving out free books, educational resources, educational games and more to our members who are much in need of them.

Each giveaway period will last for two week and at the end of this we will let you know who actually is luck to get the giveaway present.

This is not about competition or who the luck winner will be but it is a way to actually help those students that need the giveaway for their educational needs. Most of the giveaways are as I have listed above for Nigerian Students. You should continue to read to see the rules you have to abide by if you choose to indicate interest for this giveaway.


 About The Book

This giveaway is about a textbook for Microbiology. The name of the book is Microbiology – A human perspective 4th ed. Written by Nester et al and  was published by McGraw Hill. The book is in hard copy and will be posted to your address if you are selected as the winner.

This is a very good book for general microbiology. It is well written and each chapter in the book builds on the next subsequent chapter. The pages are all in colored print and every image and diagram is very clear and you can easily understand what the concept of the topic is all about.

I know how much this book can help you understand the basic principles and fundamentals of microbiology.


Who is it for?

This book is for students in natural and biological sciences most especially in their first  and second year of study. Most programs in biological science faculty like Microbiology, Food Technology, Biology, Applied Biology, Biochemistry and part of environmental in many universities offer microbiology as part of the courses in their program.

There are different reasons why I said it will be good for students within the above mentioned programs.

1. They will make use of the book in their introductory classes and other subsequent courses.

2. It will save as part of reference book during your time in the university.

3. You can choose to give to another student when you must have graduated from university.


Last Date To Indicate Your Interest

Since our giveaway package is for every forth-week, the last day to show your interest about this book is on 1st Oct, 2012 and the second give away will run from 2nd Oct, 2012.

The lucky person will be made known on 2nd Oct, 2012 and thereafter the book will be delivered to the address provided.


How to Show Interest

It is not a big deal to show interest on our giveaway but there are little rules you have to follow in order to be consider. Relax it is that simple.

You can use our comment-box by creating a new account if you have not done that already. You can also opt for Facebook comment if you have a Facebook account and prefer that method.

In your comment about this book, you must provide the following information.


Your Name

Name of the Program / Course

Name of your university

A brief summary why you need this book

You must share this post with your friends on Facebook


That is it. How simple can it be. Make sure you use simple to understand word and let you message be clear.


How You Can Help

If you have any valuable educational material you don’t use again and it is occupying some space in your house, you can help others in need of it by donating it through us. I know how hard it may be but remember givers never lack.  Help someone succeed in school today.


Let More Students know About It

There are different ways you can help to see that this book gets to the right hand. Even if you cannot donate, you can help us to share this information in Facebook, Twitter and other social networking website. Let your friends, school mates and students in biological and natural science know about this giveaway.


I hope we will all continue to help each other with our educational needs

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