6 important Reasons why my soon to be released Biology android App guarantee exam success

Biology android App

 6 Important Reasons why my soon to be released Biology android App guarantee exam success

There are many reasons why you should download my soon to be released Biology android app if you are a student planning to write WAEC, NECO, JAMB or any biology exam. I have been working on this app for a while now. I did not want to release it unfinished but I promise you will all love it when it is out.


Biology is an important subject in secondary education in Nigeria. Both science and art students study biology. If you wish to further your education in any higher institution in a field related to biology, you will need at least a credit pass in biology in your senior secondary certification exam.


Although, there is no release date for the biology app yet but it will be very soon. I will update this post as soon as I have chosen a release date.


I know you will be asking yourself now why should I download this biology app when there are other biology apps out there? Just relax and continue reading, I believe by the end of this post you will see reasons why you should download it. If you do not have a need for biology now and you know anybody that will need it, the best exam gift you can give to that person is to recommend this biology app to him or her.


Let’s hit the why now


My Previous Chemistry App Experience

I wrote a chemistry android app that targets students planning to write chemistry exam. The app became a hit app in Google Play Store. To date it has been downloaded almost 100,000 times and still growing. I have received messages from my users about how my chemistry app has helped them improve in chemistry.


One thing I have also gain is that I have learned a lot about what students want and need in a mobile app. I have also learned what is important and how you can integrate a curriculum to an app to cover all the information a student might need for exam preparation.


If you have not downloaded my chemistry app, I have proved the link here. Get it and see for yourself how good it is.


I have applied all the stuff that I have learned from my chemistry app and other apps to make this biology app even better.


Why this app is different

Although it is hard for you to know why it is different since you haven’t used it but in reality it is different because of how detailed every information is and user experience. Users can easily find what they are looking for. It is categories in such a way that you can focus on what you want to learn.


WAEC, NECO and JAMB syllabus

For Nigerian students preparing or planning to write any of the senior secondary school exams or higher institution entrance exam, this app is fashion to cover all the topics, concepts, practical and questions associated with biology exam. It is also important to biology teachers and students in their first year in the university following a biology and biology related courses.


Read and access anywhere

I love this. We go almost everywhere with our mobile devices. This implies that if you have this biology app on your mobile device, it means you can use it whenever you like. You do not need internet to use this app. Everything is made so easy and it does not consume data.


It is free

This is the fun part of it all. You do not need to pay a dire to have this biology app run on your mobile phone. It is completely free. This is the philosophy behind ToscanyAcademy. In ToscanyAcademy, every education resources will provide for our readers are all free.



I hope that by now you are convinced that this app is for you or you can recommend it to your friends, brothers and sisters.



One last thing, if you will like to follow the first set of people that will receive this app once it is release kindly drop your email address in the comment section.


Note that your email will be used only to notify you about the release of this biology app. If you have any question kindly let me know and I will get back to you.


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