WAEC Physics Exam Topics

WAEC Physics

If you have time to cover all these topics in WAEC physics and understand it very well, passing your WAEC Physics practical, WAEC Physics Theory and WAEC Physics Objectives will be a breeze.

You are free to go through the topics, check to see if there are any of the topics you are not quite sure about your level of preparedness, you can go back to it and devote some time and read it well. Do not be in haste or just scan through it because of limited time.

When you understand a topic very well, not only that you will be confident about it but also, the underling concepts of the topic will help to improve your sense of reasoning and articulation. It will go a long way in helping you to answer some trick questions and get a perfect solution.

The list of topics you should get your hands on includes;

1. Concepts of matter
2. Fundamental and derived quantities and units
3. Position, distance and displacement
4. Mass and weight
5. Time
6. Fluids at rest
7. Motion
8. Speed and velocity
9. Rectilinear acceleration
10. Scalars and vectors
11. Equilibrium of forces
12. Simple harmonic motion
13. Newton’s laws of motion
14. Work, Energy and Power
15. Waves
16. Fields
17. Atomic And Nuclear Physics
18. Projectiles
19. Elastic properties of solids
20. Surface tension

Now, you may be asking yourself, how on earth can someone cover all these topics and remember everything during WAEC Physics exam? Good question but there is no straight answer to this question. Have you thought about some students who have written WAEC physics exam in the past and got A1? I am talking about those that made “A1” without any form of external help or assistance. How do they do it?

WAEC Physics is not a rocket science. Once you follow the rule, study hard and practice old WAEC physics question, you are sure of making your physics exam in one sitting.

If you are still not convinced, I will advise you read this post first.

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One reason why you should encourage yourself, work hard, read and past your WAEC physics exam is the mere fact that it will in one way or the other help you with your university studies. If you career plan is toward engineering, you have less of an option.

It is not all about passing your physics exam, look beyond your physics problem today and ask yourself, if I fail to have a solid foundation in physics today as a science inclined student, what will be my fate in engineering programs with advance physics theories and applications?

One major issue with studying a subject alone is the ability to give up with you run into problems and can’t find someone to help your solve the problem.

If you have questions on physic, kindly post it in our question and answer section.

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Remember to leave a comment after reading and tell us what you think about WAEC physics.

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