Tuition fees for Universities in Ghana


Many Nigerian students planning to study in Ghana always want to inquire first how much does tuition cost in Ghana universities? We wrote a post quite some time ago about tuition fee for public and private universities in Nigeria. If you have not seen the post yet you can find it on the links below.


Tuition Fees for Private Universities in Nigeria


Tuition Fees for Public Universities in Nigeria


Back to tuition fees in Ghana universities, most of the tuition fees are basic tuition excluding fees for accommodation, medical insurance and so on while some are all inclusive.


Please note that this information is subject to change anytime and it is post here for educational purpose. Make sure you check with the university in Ghana you are applying for about their current tuition fee.


Secondly, the tuition fees listed here are mainly for first year students and it is subject to change (lesser) from second to final year of study.


Finally, some of the tuition is listed in Ghana currency (Ghc = cedis) while some are in USA dollars. Make sure you use a currency convert for current exchange rate between Ghana cedis and US dollars.


Yes I know some of you have not made up your mind to pursue your higher education in Ghana, I know it can be a tough decision but we have information that might help your decide if going to Ghana university is the best option for you.


9 Reasons Why You Should Study in Ghana


Study in Ghana for Nigerian Students 


I just remembered. May be you have not choose a course of study or you do know which universities in Ghana offer your program of interest. I think you made a point but we are always here to provide the best information that will guide you in making that life changing and best career path decision.


Do not expect me to guess a program for you and the university that offers the program. You know how difficult it can be and beside I will have so many readers asking the same question over and over again. So what did I do to solve this issue? Luckily I found a site that has the information already. For a comprehensive list of university programs and the Ghana University that offers the program, you should visit this website


Now let get back to Tuition fees for universities in Ghana


Ghana Universities Ghana Students Foreign Students
Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology     1, 800.00 –  4000 cedis 
Methodist University College Ghana   1,392.60  2,488.90 
Presbyterian University College, Ghana  1080.00 – 1800.00 3200.00 – 4000.00 
Wisconsin International University College(per semester) 1,498cedis $1,390
Regent University College  of Science and Technology 1350  – 2700 1550 – 2900
Valley View University Ghana   $25.00 per credit (payable in Ghana cedis by Ghanaians)minimum 12 Cr. (per semester)         $300.00  
West End University College    1300 – 2500   1500 – 2500
Radford University College   3197 – 3528   3400 – 4000
All Nations University College(per semester)  2,365 cedis -$2,820
Wisconsin International University College(per semester)  1,498cedis $1,390
Pentecost University College $700 – $1300 $700 – $1300
Ashesi University College (meal, housing and medical insurance inclusive) $4,817 $5,044
Zenith University College 1320 cedis  1320 cedis 
Jayee University College(per semester)  1,000 cedis  1,000 cedis 
Ghana Telecom University College (Per Semester) 1200 – 1700 cedi $1000 – $1800 
Accra Institute of Technology 1009 – 1097 cedis 1233 – 1343 cedis 
University of Ghana, Legon $1,995 – $7,250 


I hope that you will find help with the information provided above. If you still have a question, feel free to drop your question in our comment box or contact me directly through our contact us form.


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    what is the best it school in Ghana i mean in term of education

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    Am searching for a Ghana university that offers political science and it fees, please help it's urgent…..

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