Tuition Fees For Private Universities in Nigeria

Nigerian Private Universities Tuition Fees

With many private universities springing up every day in Nigeria and more students considering choosing the option of a private university since the competition is so fierce in federal and State universities in Nigeria, a list of tuition fees for private universities in Nigeria can help you make a choice in terms of quality and cost.

The list is based on National University Commission  of Nigeria accredited private universities. You can see the current list of private universities in Nigeria here

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Tuition Fee in Nigerian Private Universities

American University Of Nigeria – 1,590,000 Naira  – Tuition Fee Link

Achievers University, Owo –  330,00 -420, 000 Naira  – Tuition Fee Link 

Adeleke University,Ede – N350,000.00 Naira  – Tuition Fee Link

Babcock University  –  340, 000 – 620,000 Naira  – Tuition Fee Link 

Bowen University, Iwo – 650,000 – 750,000 Naira –  Tuition Fee Link 

Covenant University – 432, 000 Naira –  Tuition Fee Link

Crawford University – 450, 000 – 480,000 Naira – Tuition Fee Link 

Igbinedion University Okada – 514,000 – 643,000 Naira – Tuition Fee Link 

Joseph Ayo Babalola University – 397,500 – 436,000 Naira – Tuition Fee Link 

Lead City University – 250,500 – 550,500 Naira – Tuition Fee Link  

Obong University Nigeria – 170,000 – 190,000 Naira – Tuition Fee Link

Oduduwa University – 164,000 Naira – Tuition Fee Link 

Rhema University – 313,000 – 325,000 Naira – Tuition Fee Link

Redeemer’s University – 541,000 – 571,000 Naira – Tuition Fee Link

There are many universities that I could not find their current tuition fee, it will be good if you are a student in any private university in Nigeria and you did not find your university tuition here, kindly add your tuition on the comment box and it will be updated.

Note that you have to check with the school to see if there have been a change in some of the tuition fees that have been provided here.

Tuition Fees For Private Universities in Nigeria

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21 Responses to “Tuition Fees For Private Universities in Nigeria”

  1. caleb university -555, oo-600,000.

  2. Okechukwu Michael

    Jun 15. 2012

    why is it that church school which suppose to be lowest turn to have the highest pay in school fees in Nigeria, while it is the poor people offering that is what was used in building the school but now non of the poor people can afford to pay their children fees in the same school they suffered to built…. it is unfair and we can't understand their preaching any more weather the poor people should build for the richer people to enjoy or the richer will build for the poor to benefit.

    • may God help us… It really unfair. The poor can nt go 2 sch. I see why our campus grls are in2 prostitution. The Govt can nt even provide good job for the young graduate in the country. Evry year all higher institutn kep on giving us half bake graduate . imagin before u are able 2 graduate in Bsc in naija versity 400000 shud be put aside for Part-time study. And wen u are tru, the few jonbusco coy available wil require frm u 3-2yr xpernce. We many say Entrenp, yes! But hw can they start without capital? Some graduate cannot stand on their own, unless they are help 2grow . Corruption everywhr, may God help us.

    • Toscany Academy

      Jun 28. 2012

      Well said

    • dr slow

      Oct 19. 2012

      Ignoranice is quite expensive you want to be on level with foreign universities but won’t like to pay for it education is on an international level so d cost is mostly d same while maintainace and infrastructure in available abroad but Nigerian schools have to pay, 24 hrs Lyt isn’t cheap employing proper lecturers is expensive especially professors and doctors some collect as much as 700k humwud get way more abroad but only stay bcos of d pay there’s no asuu buh no strike tells u dey like d salary. Hope u know woh economics of scale is yh dey are smaller so dey dont enjoy such as well as dey are still building Labs and such cost d same all over d world, while most skools already have such from wayback prices ar now higher.a sku even has a former ambassador on staff . So xcept u don’t want quality and want to b lectured by d worst hi couldn’t get beta payin jobs like d police and public skua dat strike. Finally check foreign skools and wot dey pay

    • dr slow

      Oct 19. 2012

      Besides its just a coincidence since private skuz ar mostly church ish. y do u fink dey ar accredited while many odaz were not, it’s bcos dey spent so much money if dey were jus robbing us then oda people wud open skuz and charge same amt and rob us too buh no check, d top of d list ar secular skuz igbins is high wit still rubbish infrastructure. Y are church skuz d best private skuz it’s not cheap. Government skuz are dead cos of funds d strikes ar all dat many government skuz take lyk 200k wile still getting money from government wit 100 times more students than private dats crios economics of scale buh dey still spend less as recurrent expenditure, salaries and such except unilag and dis even tho dat dey don’t finance capital projcts wich is done by govt and read law abroad costs ova N10 000 000. It’s y our standard is poor wud u imagine a Harvard skooled lawyer to work here as in to lecture many such skuz av Alumnis on staff d best of d best oh real academics not stranded last option people. Foreign lecturers can’t lecture here in professional areas lyk engineering cos no facility d same way wiz kid won’t perform where u av poor sound setup cos he knows it wud b a poor performance. If u were to want to build YALE here how much do you think it would cost depending on time frame, or is it in 100 yrz time u want us to get there. It would take billions of dollars to build in 10yrz. Some privat skuz av jus 1student for some lectures while d lecturer wud b paid in full, regular lectures have at most 20- 50 in a class while general one like gst have lyk 300. Even unilag use to have a almost a 1000 in some lectures wit no Lyt fan or sit. Free wifi, N20 cyber-cafe, free transportation, better hostels we were 3 in a room (2 in 400l rooms)wit our own toilet and bath, kitchen, furnished living room sofas, rugs tables wardrobes and finally AC. All for 376,000

      • ToscanyAcademy


        Oct 19. 2012

        @Dr Slow, you made a very nice point here but you should remember in most advance world with high standard of education, students from those countries can get educational loan to further their studies and pay back the loan once they start working but this is not the case in Nigeria.

        I agree that to maintain high standard of education in Nigeria money needs to be pump in a positive direction.

  3. Stallone Osahon Salami

    Jun 29. 2012

    sup man….. wat abt novena university. in Ogume, delta state…. And pls, wats their tuition fees for the department of computer science? send your feedback via or 07031231468. pls write me back.

    • Toscany Academy

      Jul 06. 2012

      I have been in contact with the Novena University to find out the current school fee for the new in-take, once I get the information I will let you know.

  4. Bashir Bello Kakara

    Jul 01. 2012

    The Church system has always been the collecting from the poor. imagine a Pastor with over 50m dollars still collecting offering and tyts. They all should be banned.God help the Masses.

  5. Churches are now business ventures yearning for profit maximization.universities owned by various churches should reduce the cost of their tuition fee.

    • Toscany Academy

      Jul 06. 2012

      Bro, the way church universities are looking at every angle to make money from their students, I do not see them reducing their fees rather it will keep increasing. That is the real truth.

  6. 100002033091512

    Nov 30. 2012

    I think it’s per session.

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  8. Marvelous Ubani

    May 02. 2015

    CHECK OUT for the cheapest private universities list!! 2015!!!!!


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