The Difference between an Educator and a Teacher


An Educator and a Teacher

Educator and Teacher are two different words but they are frequently used interchangeably mistakenly. The two words do not have the same meaning. They have differences.


‘Educator’ is used to connote a ‘mentor’ while on the contrary ‘teacher’ is used to connote a ‘trainer’ or preceptor. To be precise the difference between the two words is the fact that educator is used to describe a mentor.


In fact, the word ‘educator’ is used in the special sense of ‘mentor’. An educator leaves a lasting impression in the mind of one who he is educating and the word is mostly used as a noun.


As a result of the lasting impression left on the individual by the educator, the individually usually considers the person who has created a lasting impression in him as his mentor, role model or an educator.


As a result of this striking difference, not every teacher can be referred to as an educator while all educators are teachers in one way or the other. They may or may not have something to do with the classroom.


It is thus, understood that not all teachers can be called educators. The teachers that can be referred to as educators are those that have left lasting impressions in the minds of their students. Teachers on the contrary are connected to the classroom.


They are appointed by the school management to teach the lessons that form part of the course outline for the students of any particular class.


The teacher is expected to clear the doubts in the minds of students concerning a theory in a particular subject or course of study. A teacher is expected to be rewarded through a salary by the end of every month.


A teacher develops to be an educator while every educator a born teacher. They have innate teaching qualities in them which make them to leave lasting impressions in the minds of those that they taught.


It is exciting to recognize that the word ‘educator’ has a verb variety as the word ‘educate’, while the word ‘teacher’ has its verb variety as the word ‘teach’ and has a nonfigurative noun as ‘teaching’. On the contrary, the word ‘educator’ has is adjectival type as ‘educating’.
The role of an educator which is to impart educational knowledge to an individual is holistic. It embraces the development of the academic, objective & ethical parts of an individual.


Education and the educator play a greater role in the life of the individual that is educated. Teaching which is the work done by a teacher is an outstanding and particular method to instill sphere of influence in education.


Misunderstanding from time to time crops up about the dissimilarity between education/educator and teaching/teacher because the word education is often used by English speakers to denote different things.


Education can be used to indicate the procedure taken by somebody who is a student to study something very useful and pertinent to him through the direction of another person who is a teacher within some physical, societal and educational background and framework.


The word teaching is generally used to name the all the activities undertaken by an individual to direct another person to learn something. Everybody is a teacher.


We all have the capacity to assist others to learn one thing or the other. Children as well as adults can learn more widely, deeply and at length if they have a well-informed person close to them.


Such well-informed person is mostly referred to as an educator or a professional tutor, lecturer or classroom teacher in the society but it is a misconception.


Everybody can be a teacher but not everybody can be a professional educator.


In fact we teach everyday through various means not necessarily in a classroom setting. Notwithstanding, the artistic quality of a good quality educator is to constantly guide students to learn and to elicit in them the desire to persevere in their studies and be able to hand over to the students their own personal passions.


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