The Best Way To Answer JAMB Maths Question During JAMB Exam

JAMB Math Exam

JAMB Maths Exam

JAMB exam is an important higher education entrance examination in Nigeria. Every year over one million candidates sit for JAMB exam. One unthinkable and resounding dilemma about JAMB exam is that any mistake during JAMB exam can cost spending extra year before university admission.


This post is not about steps you can follow to pass your JAMB exam and get an invitation for JAMB post UME. If you are looking for a post as mentioned above, I suggest you read the post below before you continue.


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I am going to concentrate on how to tackle JAMB mathematics during JAMB exam in a way that will help you score very high. JAMB maths has been a nightmare for most students writing JAMB exam. It is not always about not being good in JAMB maths that causes the problem but the inability for many students to use effective and efficient way to answer their JAMB maths exam without affecting their over all time allocated for the exam.


Time factor and management are considerable factors that make students score low in JAMB exam and much attention has not been shown on how best to manage this issue. You can see yourself cutting across time allocated for other JAMB subjects due to over spend time on JAMB maths exam.


It is important to stay focus and manage your time very well. Remember most JAMB exam center does not allow the use of calculator in JAMB exam hall so you have to make use of your brain in solving simple arithmetic.


Which JAMB Subject Should I Start First

Apart from JAMB English language which is a compulsory JAMB subject that all the candidates will sit, three other subjects are optional depending on the program you have chosen in the university. There is no correct answer on which subject to start on but it is advisable to start with subjects that you are comfortable with.


Being in your comfort JAMB subject on-start will increase your speed and boost your able to tackle JAMB questions. This trend will follow along from subject to subject until the questions are done.


Jump Unfamiliar Question

Another proven trick that will help you save valuable and precious time during your JAMB maths exam is the ability to jump over questions that you do not understand on first glance or questions that will take greater time to solve.


Leaving unfamiliar questions will give you a total control over your JAMB maths exam because once you are done with the simple and known questions, you can now devote your time on solving the hard JAMB maths questions you left behind. The advantage now is that you are not under due pressure to answer the questions and with the level of concentration, many ideas will keep popping out of your brain on how best to solve the questions.


Putting these factors into consideration and sticking to it during your JAMB maths exam can go a long way in helping you to increase you JAMB result in mathematics.


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