Pros and Cons of Homeschooling in Nigeria

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Homeschooling in Nigeria

Home schooling is becoming more and more popular, in times past it seemed only for those who could not afford to send their children to school but today even the well do to families’ homeschool their children which has proven to yield excellent results. Homeschooled children do well in standardised test; colleges and universities welcome them and there are known for being independent reliable learners as well as employees.

If you are considering homeschooling your child, here is a list of pros and cons to help you weigh your expected outcome. It is based on the experiences of parents who have successfully homeschooled one or more of their children.


One of the best part of homeschooling for the child is that they get to choose, what, how and when to learn, the flexibility allows them to get rest, the basic wills be covered based on the child’s learning speed and assimilation. Some complete all learning basics in 3 other 5 years.

The family will be free from the restriction and rules of school, no homework schedules, school calendar. Children can now go an vacation whenever the parents deem right,  and can live their lives according to works for them, you could take off time from learning and give your child 1, 2 or 5 weeks break, you could slow down, hasten up or change teaching method anytime.

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Peer pressure disappear, competition, bullying, boredom, all those typical school experiences are avoided. Normally children especially girls start having punctured self esteem at the teenage years, but these homeschooled have shown to have their self esteem intact and sound.

Homeschooled children can act, eat, dress and talk the way they want without been teased, ridiculed or bullied to fit in. They will hardly have the chance of experimenting teenage trends such as drugs, sex etc.

For parents who place a lot of importance on religious beliefs and do not want any sort of external influence, homeschooling will keep your children within your beliefs and you can supervise how the implement it daily.

It helps foster closer family relationships, teenager who is usually prone to rebellion and destructive behaviour benefit from this daily interaction from loving parents.

Children can easily adjust to new changes in the homes, once they are always at home they can quickly peacefully adjust to death, loss, new baby, puberty or change of city.

Some persons are not good at mornings, some are particularly tired in the morning, but the school does not acknowledge this which stresses out children leaving them worn out and frustrated whenever t time for school. When they are homeschooled you can begin your study at 12pm or 3pm as it suit your child’s personality.

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Home-schooled kids work faster than schooled kids, they can do in a few hours what a schooled child will take more time. Homeschooled means no more homework at least not tens of them.


It consumes a lot of time, the parents can hardly have time to think or engage in other activities, and every time is learning time. Though time can be alternated but it leaves the parent drained.

For families who are not financially balance, one parent having to forego a full time job to homeschool kids will be very challenging. It will be a very big sacrifice but most parents have confirmed that watching their child learn in freedom is enough compensation for the financial restraints.

For those who find it difficult to be around kids for a longer period of time, you definitely cannot homeschool because it requires you spending almost the entire day with them.

Homeschooled teens may find it difficult to participate in competitive sporting activities as most school will not accept a child who is not a student of the school, to make up for this some homeschool parents can create their own teams.

Homeschooling still faces a lot of criticisms, as you will not just be reducing the income of schools but succeeding in teaching which will be threat to professional teachers. Every homeschooling parent has to be able to think for himself and get teaching ideas because hardly will the educational system help you.

Weighing both the pros and cons of homeschooling will help you decide if you should homeschool your children or not.

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    How do home schooled children sit for external examinations like First school leaving cervical exams, Jssce, wace and jamb?


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