Importance of Industrial Attachment in Nigeria

Industrial Attachment in Nigeria

Industrial Attachment in Nigeria

Many of us had written-off industrial attachment in Nigeria as being of no use to Nigerian students. The anger caused by why industrial attachment in Nigeria has failed to live up to its challenges still boils in us but if you take a big breath now, clean up your mind, don’t think of anything and stay focus for a minute, let the anger fizzle out and concentrate on the positive sides of industrial attachment in Nigeria.


Before I start emphasizing on how industrial attachment can help you build a better future, a better job and a better circle, I will suggest you read one of my articles on industrial attachment in Nigeria higher education. It is a piece that will let you understand everything you need to know about industrial attachment in Nigeria. You can see the link below.


Industrial Attachment – IT in Nigerian Educational System


I am sure you have done reading the post above. I hope you  have learned something new about industrial attachment in Nigeria.


Whenever most people hear about industrial attachment in Nigeria, the first thing that comes to their mind is work experience. Yeah, we cannot take away work experience from industrial attachment since it is one of the major reasons why industrial attachment in Nigeria was instituted in the first place.


So now you know that the importance of industrial attachment in Nigeria is to afford students the opportunity to gather some work experience relevant to their studies and career prospects. Work experience as little as it can be is very important for a fresh graduate in the following ways.


  • It will give you a competitive edge over graduate with no work experience


  • It will expose you to real life working environment and hands-on-experience


  • It will broaden your understanding of many concepts


  • You will learn how to nurture good communication skills in working environment


  • You will learn disciple and principles of working ethics


  • You will get to meet different people in your future career path.


There are many other benefits that I did not include but this list will only tell you what you stand to gain by being part of this programme.


Well the good news is  it does not end just in working experience. A new phenomenon that is changing the way professionals in different works of life communicate is networking. Professional networking is one of the hottest trends in recent years and its importance cannot be over emphasized.


Industrial attachmentNigeria affords students the opportunity to meet many people in their field. It is important to keep a good connection with them. There are many job opportunities that need a capable person urgently and these jobs are not always advertised due to the urgency. The simplest and easiest way to recruit someone in this situation is by recommendation from experience industrial players. Employment recommendation has a huge value most especially when someone who is recommending you is considered as one of the best people in the job.


One thing you will be looking out for is to build a good and strong professional circle with people that matters in your chosen fields. By this landing a job after your graduate will be a breeze.


Another good thing about industrial attachment in Nigeria is a face lift it will give your CV or resume. For most graduates in Nigeria, the section of their CV that contains working experience is always empty or in some cases, contains work experience that is not directly related to their study or career path. So having a work experience from your industrial attachment that is related to your field of study will give you an advantage over others without any reasonable work experience.


Your industrial attachment can be a defining moment of your life, try and make use of every opportunity you have and do not stop learning. If you are good in what you do, your services might be needed after you graduate or someone that truly knows how good you are will surely recommend you anywhere there is vacancy that suits your skills.
A little google search about  internships  in Nigeria will provide your some result to consider.


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