Does it worth it going to University in Nigeria?

One insult that does not normally go down well with Nigerians is when you refer someone as an illiterate. With more than 150 million in population, almost everyone wants to become a graduate in Nigeria.
I have seen many Nigerians who are good in what they do with no previous intention of getting a higher education; suddenly they jump into the university. Sometimes I do consider the sudden rush to university basically for societal acceptance and self-dignity.
Recently the number of students that write WAEC or JAMB (university entrance exams in Nigeria) has soared to millions, leaving universities both private and public unable to handle the number. University tuition has also been on the rise with families starving to cope with tuitions. Come to think about it, there are more than 20 million unemployed graduates in Nigeria and the cost of three years bachelor’s program is between 500,000 – millions in naira. With the high rate of unemployment, what is the chance of getting a job when one single job advert attracts thousands of applicants?
Does spending this amount of money worth it? Just to get a paper certificate at the end that would not put food on your table. Many people around the world without education or as much as secondary education have live a rewarding life with a better business or career.
Living by hope will make you believe that there is chance that you will still find a job. Lucky enough, Nigeria is among the countries where someone can graduate from a program 10 years back and the person will be employed with the same qualification. Ten years without practice and ten years without any related work experience.
Our system is so bad and corrupt that after paying so much and graduate with top result, you can still be out job for years if you do not have strong connection that can influence the job for you.
Right now may be you are considering or having a second thought about going to the university or not?
Education can be considered as an investment. Investors are always mindful of where they put money and the underlining fact about investment is growth and profit making. In the same vain, there is no 100 percent assurance on return in investment. Taking a calculated investment decision may pay off better in future. Put in mind that there are many factor that could making an investment risky so also higher education. Your education may become a risky investment if you are living a country where graduate unemployment rate is unimaginable.
Individual circumstances or priority are not same at all time. You might argue that it worth it if you put in place other thing like friends and networks you made while in school or you are opportune to get a job. But nonetheless you might be disappointed like millions of other unemployed Nigeria graduates still waiting eagerly for when they will be call upon by an employer.
What do you think? Does it worth it to pay so much for this education knowing that you have limited or no chance of getting your dream job?

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