5 Free Online Bible Schools


Free online Bible schools are wonderful initiative by people who have devoted countless amount of time in teaching others in the word of God. The significant of writing about free online bible schools stems in the mere fact that many other online bible schools accept tuition to offer courses. Many people have the illusion that most things offered for free have quality compromised but I want to reassured you that it is not always the case in most instances.


There are different reasons why people choose to attend a bible school but the core similarities among all the reasons is enriching oneself with the knowledge and understanding of God. In most free online bible schools, bible study modules are organized in a flexible manner and you can choose not to take the whole package at once but rather select study modules in piece meal.


With proper time management, you can fix your schedules to match with your study pace. It does not cost anything to start. Most of the supporting materials and resources for online bible studies are freely available to download.


There are free online bible schools that offer certification after you have duly completed their certificate modules while others do not offer certificate in any program but rather deliver quality and well-fashioned courses that centers in spiritual empowerment.


The only thing you need is access to internet. Though it will help if you have a good internet speed since some of the study materials are in video format.


If you are planning to enroll in a free online bible school, you show check the list below and see which of the bible schools suits your need most. You can also take part in vacation bible school if you are time-bound during non-vacation period. If you are interested in a certificate program, it is advisable to make sure that the online bible school you are choosing is an accredited bible college.


The list of courses offered by most free online bible schools are Theology, Greek, Apologetics, Marriage Counseling, Ministry Leadership, Church History, and many others.


Now, you can go through our 10 free online bible schools. If you feel that there is a good free online bible school that needs to mention here or should be part of this list, kindly let me know through our comment box.


Christian Leaders Institute 

Christian Leaders Institute free online bible school offers about 22 online courses. The enrollment is free for everybody. They have trained more than 5000 students around that world. Each Bible School class is focused on not only improving your understanding of God, but also on strengthening your faith in God.


Amazing Facts

In World Bible School, each enrolled student is given a study helper who will help and teach you during your bible school study program. The study helper also provides the materials and resources you need to complete your courses. World Bible School teaches over 2 million students around the world.


Amazing Facts

Amazing Facts runs a free online bible school that has many courses. They are have been training thousands of students in bible teachings and understanding of word of God.


Salt Lake Bible College

Salt Lake Bible College is a free online bible school that trains men and women in the word of God around the world.


Online Bible College

There are 14 courses in the OBC Biblical Studies Course. These are in-depth selected studies in God’s Word. OBC’s emphasis is not just academic but revelation. Our desire is to see the living Word of God transform your life and the lives you will minister to. The Practical Ministry Course is 14 different series of one-page studies which are tools for ministering the Word of God. They are easy to learn and easy to teach.


For those in Nigeria looking for a classroom based bible school to attend, you can refer to our list of bible colleges in Nigeria below.


A List of Bible Schools in Nigeria 



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