What Is Home Schooling? Home School Curriculum For Your Kids!

Home School Curriculum

Home School Curriculum

Home school curriculum is the curriculum used for teaching in the home setting. Home schooling is also known as home education/training or home based learning.


Home schooling is an act of educating or training children at home rather than the normal training settings in the school environment.


The training of the children is usually undertaken by parents or paid tutors. In the advanced countries of the world before the promulgation which made it mandatory for all children within the school age to be in the school, all training given to a child takes place in a normal school setting.


Homeschooling is an accepted alternative option or parents who for any reason would not want their children trained in the private or public schools.


Today, homeschooling is a lawful option for parents in various countries, permitting parents to make education available to their children with a home learning environment that is an option to schooling in public or private schools.


In developing and under developing nations of the world for example in Nigeria, there is not yet such laws permitting parents to exclusively home school their children.


Some well to do parents do partial home school or home lessons for their children especially in the evenings after schools or during holidays but it hasn’t been permitted by law to use home schooling and home schooling curriculum as an alternative to the conventional private or public school education.


Different parents have different reasons for choosing to home school their children.


Some says homeschooling and home school curriculum will help to motivate their children to be serious and more dedicated to their learning than the traditional method of schooling.


Some of the reasons the majority of parents give are worry and concern that the school environment and setting may corrupt their children, to give their children sound moral education and not being comfortable and happy the manner of giving educational training in the conventional school setting.


Some parents may also choose home schooling and home school curriculum as a preferred option to take care of their children as parents.


Families whose houses are located are from public or private schools may also use homeschooling as an alternative Take for example families living in isolated rural places and in the farms or countryside, families who have reasons to reside temporarily overseas or to provide more room for frequent traveling, as well as many young athletes and actors who are usually homeschooled.


Homeschooling can be taken as a mentorship or apprenticeship program where a child is assigned with a teacher for many years. Such type of homeschooling makes the teacher and the child to familiarize each other and the teacher is better able to help the child better on on-to one basis.


Homeschooling can as well be utilized as a supplementary form of education. It can be used to assist children in difficult circumstances to learn better.


Examples students who attended or who attends low graded school can augment their knowledge through home schooling and home school curriculum.


Home schooling can as well be combined with conventional education using the available resources online.


Homeschooling can also be termed as training of a child at home under the supervision of correspondence schools or group of schools.


Some localities have approved and standard home school curriculum that must be followed if a parent wants to home school his or her child or children.


A home schooling that is done without following a specific curriculum is referred to as unschooling.


Home schooling can be done using wide range of styles and resources. Parents choose different style of homeschooling and home school curriculum to suit their family needs in relation to their abode, education level of the parents, budget, educational philosophy, and prospective education and career for the child, past school experiences of the child, the temperament of the child and the child states of the mind.


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