How to Use Whatsapp Chat Messenger for Education and Learning Purposes

Whatsapp is a new and hot mobile chat messenger making waves in Nigeria and all over the world. Whatsapp was able to penetrate the market easily because it offers cross-platform ... Continue Reading →
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Survey Questionnaire as a Research Tool

Survey is a data collection tool use to gather information about certain questions or issues from participants. It is a vital tool in sampling personal and public opinions. ... Continue Reading →
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Computer Education in Nigerian Secondary Schools

This article compares Nigeria National Computer Policy (1988) with what is obtainable practically in school.   Information gathered from 10 publicly owed secondary schools ... Continue Reading →

2 Android Apps for Nigerian Students Writing JAMB Internet Based Exam in 2013

Recently JAMB has added a new exam option on how JAMB exam will be conducted from JAMB exam 2013. If you do know yet, it is possible for you to choose between paper based and ... Continue Reading →

50 Thesis Topics For Engineering Students in Nigeria

Thesis Topics For Engineering Students Thesis dissertation or project is  a research course that is a part of courses taken in fulfillment of an education certificate in ... Continue Reading →

5 Thesis Topics in Computer Science You are Free to Use

5 Thesis Topics in Computer Science As the topic of this post implies, I will be providing 5 Thesis topics in computer science for students planning to write their thesis and ... Continue Reading →
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Tips on How to Write a Thesis Statement

How to Write a Thesis Statement Your thesis statement if well written can earn you an A in your thesis. For this reason, it is important for you to know how to write a thesis ... Continue Reading →

Things That Can Make You Fail Your Thesis

What to Avoid in Your Thesis Writing While gathering up materials and getting things ready for your thesis writing, you have to be careful to avoid including certain things ... Continue Reading →

Tips on Writing a Good Literature Review for Your Degree Thesis

Writing a Good Literature Review A literature review is a particular chapter in a research work that outlines the materials that a researcher used in the course of his/her ... Continue Reading →
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How Important is Technical Writing to Your Thesis

Importance of Technical Writing to Your Thesis Technical writing is an important aspect of writing a good thesis; this is because it enables the writer to hold the attention ... Continue Reading →

How to Build a Good Writing Skill for Your Thesis

Good Writing Skill for Your Thesis Generally, having good writing skill is an art that needs to be nurtured and mastered. Good writing skills is highly cherished and sought ... Continue Reading →

Best Ways to Use a Questionnaire for Your Thesis

Questionnaire for Your Thesis A thesis questionnaire is a very useful object used by many researchers in the course of writing their thesis. A thesis questionnaire survey is ... Continue Reading →
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7 Things That Make a Good Thesis

What Makes a Good Thesis Writing a good thesis goes beyond being intelligent. For you to write a good thesis, you have to follow the acceptable standards and include the necessary ... Continue Reading →

How to Write a Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae CV is an outline of a person’s educational and professional history, usually prepared for job applications. Another name for a CV is a résumé. It conveys ... Continue Reading →
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