How to Spend Less Time to Make a Lesson Plan by Using Lesson Plan Template

Lesson plan is an important arsenal for every teacher. Lesson plan gives a sense of direction and scope on the subject it is made for.   Well prepared lesson plan has ... Continue Reading →
teaching tools

5 Teaching Tools Nigerian Teachers Can Use in Classroom

The way we teach is changing due to changes in technology. In order for us as teachers to stay on top of our game and help our students understand the concepts in their study ... Continue Reading →
Education and Technology

How Much Do Teachers Earn in Private Schools in Nigeria?

Private school teachers are dissimilar from public school teachers in a sense that they are not obliged by their school to obtain a state license. A public school requires ... Continue Reading →
federal unity colleges in Nigeria

5 Reasons Why Teachers Deserve Good Treatment in Nigeria

Do Nigerian teachers deserve better treatment? In this post the writer specifically pointed out why teachers in Nigeria deserve good treatment. Are you a teacher working in ... Continue Reading →
Teaching Job

Using Networking to Conquer Challenges as a New Teacher in Nigeria

Teaching is one of the best jobs in the world. But being a teacher comes with its own challenges. Teachers, who are into teaching because of the passion, knowledge transfer ... Continue Reading →

5 Guides for New Teachers in Nigeria

If you are hoping to teach in any of Nigerians schools, or you are hoping to choose a teaching career, there are lots of things that must come to mind as a new teacher in Nigeria. ... Continue Reading →

10 Things Every New Teacher in Nigeria Should Know Before Starting a New Teaching Job in Nigeria

Nigeria education system we all know for a long time now has been on the down turn. There is public outcry that something ought to be done now to revive the fallen standard ... Continue Reading →

My School Teacher I would never forget: Teachers are so special

Is there anything that teachers can do to help advance students when they face challenges instead of being overwhelmed by them? Why is it that many students appear to crumble ... Continue Reading →
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Roles of Teachers on Education: The Significance of Teachers and Their Works in Advancement of Any Nation

The roles of teachers towards the development of any nation can never be overemphasized. Teachers build up good ethical principles and obedience in pupils and students, they ... Continue Reading →
Technology in schools

You are not alone: Why do some Private Schools in Nigeria pay their Teachers as low as 5000 Naira

Teaching is one of the old professions known to mankind. Despite the tremendous changes that have appeared over the years as a way to simplifying and making teaching very easy, ... Continue Reading →

Hire a French Teacher in Nigeria

You can easily hire a french teacher in Nigeria with us. In Nigeria there are many places you can enroll to study french. While some are bad others are good but learning a second ... Continue Reading →

How to Write a Lesson Plan for Nigerian Teachers

How to Write a Lesson Plan Lesson plan serves as a guide to teacher’s class objectives. It is much different from a lesson note, in that the lesson note is the knowledge ... Continue Reading →
Independent study

How Nigerian Teachers Can Use Blog To Teach Their Students

Using Blog To Teach in Nigeria Reading and writing is a form of education that help students to improve in their writing skills. Writing for yourself or your teacher is good ... Continue Reading →

How Nigerian Teachers Can Use Google Drive and Docs in Teaching

Google Drive and Docs For Teachers Being a teacher in Nigeria is great and challenging. We admire great teachers in Nigeria for the wonderful work they are doing but beside ... Continue Reading →
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