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Common Learning Disabilities Among Nigerian Children

Common Learning Disabilities For someone diagnosed with a learning disability in Nigeria, it can seem scary at first. But a learning disability doesn’t have anything ... Continue Reading →
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Understanding Dyslexia in Special Needs Children in Nigeria

Understanding Dyslexia in Nigeria A lot of research has been done to find out the causes of dyslexia: a learning disability. An in all time a definite cause has not been found ... Continue Reading →
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How Mothers of Special Needs Children Can Cope with their Kids in Nigeria

Mothers of Special Needs Children in Nigeria In Nigeria, less is known about people with special needs in Nigeria and little or nothing has been put in place to help people ... Continue Reading →

Secret Cult in Nigerian Universities: Why We Die Rather Than Graduate

Cultism in Nigerian Universities Nigerian universities have been in the fore front of promoting education, diversity and research. More work need to be done to actualize these ... Continue Reading →
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Is Your Kid Phobia About School? See How You Can Help

School Phobia Among Kids in Nigeria Fear is a negative emotion caused as a reaction to danger or anxiety. It may involve fight or withdrawal from place of expected danger and ... Continue Reading →

How Much Educational Freedom Should Your Child Have

The Extent of Educational Freedom for Your Kids When it comes to freedom, 21st century kids have abundant freedom so much that it interferes with their education. Parents often ... Continue Reading →

How to Stop Bullying

How to Stop Bullying in Nigeria Whether you are the parent to a bully or your child is a victim to bullying in school, there are ways to remedy the situation and help your ... Continue Reading →

Causes and Effects of Bullying in Nigerian School

Bullying in Nigerian School Bullying is when a person uses their strength or power to frighten or hurt weaker people, it can also be seen as a conscious attempt to control ... Continue Reading →
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Must Have Facilities for Every Good Boarding School in Nigeria

Good Boarding School Facilities in Nigeria A boarding school is a school where kids can live and learn at the same time under the supervision and guidance of their teachers ... Continue Reading →

Sending Your Child to a Boarding School in Nigeria, is it Good or Bad?

Sending Your Child to a Boarding School in Nigeria Going to a boarding school is not an easy decision. The child will need to adjust to a whole new environment, new rules and ... Continue Reading →

How to Homeschool a Two Year Old in Nigeria

Homeschooling in Nigeria Starting out on homeschooling can make you go a little berserk. In preparation for your first year, you will need a calendar, chart or timetable whatever ... Continue Reading →
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How to Help Your Child Do Better At School in Nigeria

Help Your Child Do Better At School Parents are faced with so many responsibilities daily some of which are needs, others are wants but of all this responsibilities they hold, ... Continue Reading →
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