How Much Do Business Analysts Make?

How Much Do Business Analysts Make?

Depending upon which business analyst career path you choose, you’re certain to benefit from a highly rewarding and lucrative career. To give you an idea of how profitable this field can be, take a look at these job titles and average salaries for a variety of business analyst jobs:


Job Title Average Salary


Executive Sales Representative———————————- $160,000

Management Consulting Business Analyst————————– $109,000

SAP ——————————————————– $101,000

Solutions Architect Sales Representative————————- $92,000

Senior Business Systems Analyst——————————— $89,000

Systems Business Analyst —————————————-$87,000

Senior Business Analyst—————————————— $86,000

Executive ——————————————————–$83,000

Business Systems Analyst——————————————- $81,000

Business Intelligence Analyst———————————– $80,000

Technical Business Analyst —————————————-$79,000

Business Analyst ————————————————$76,000

Senior Credit Analyst ————————————————$65,000

Associate Analyst ————————————————$55,000

Administrative Analyst—————————————— $53,000


In USD as of Nov 10, 2009, according to


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