Learn AVEVA’s PDMS – (Plant Design Management System) in Nigeria

Learn AVEVA's PDMS - (Plant Design Management System) in Nigeria

Learn AVEVA’s PDMS – (Plant Design Management System) in Nigeria

AVEVA’s PDMS (Plant Design Management System) is a comprehensive modeling system that creates 3D designs and deliverables. It features model management, advanced clash management, visual review, automatic pipe routing and construction deliverables.


Automated deliverables can be generated directly from the 3D model in the form of general arrangement and detail drawings, piping isometrics and reports. The product comes with industry catalogs and specifications, and the entire Victaulic piping catalog is available. AVEVA’s Pipe Stress Interface provides data integration between piping designs and stress-analysis tools.


It is widely used in Power, Oil & Gas Production & Processing (Offshore & Onshore), Petroleum Refining, Petroleum Storage & Transportation, Chemicals &Petrochemicals Industries for the best possible design – and do it more efficiently thereby reducing the total installation cost of the project.
The PDMS approach enables a wide range of sophisticated design checks to be carried out across all aspects of the design to check and improve quality. Drawings and reports are generated directly from the model database to ensure consistency between design information and the project deliverables.
With a sound Knowledge of PDMS, your chances of getting employed are quite unlimited. The energy industry has never a time been more demanding and in need of skilled graduates with extra skills like PDMS.


Multinational companies harness the powers of PDMS in their every day projects that is the reason behind the recent training of some Engineers in PDMS to meet up with local content demand.


Career of PDMS:

– Power plants needs PDMS
– Petro Chemical Complex needs PDMS
– Oil & gas need PDMS
– Off shore Industry needs PDMS
– Refinery needs PDMS
– Industrial plants needs PDMS
– Energy sector needs PDMS
– Chemical process needs PDMS
– EPC industry needs PDMS
– Consulting engineers needs PDMS
– Pharmaceutical industry needs PDMS
– Project & Construction needs PDMS
– Cement and Fertilizer needs PDMS


PDMS modules to be covered in this training include:

– Equipment Application
– Piping Application
– Civil and Steel Structure Application
– Cable Tray Application
– Hvac Application
– 2D Draft Application e.t.c


Please note that we are not in any way affiliated with the program providers. This information is sorely for education purpose. Make sure that you have done you own independent verification with the program provider before enrolling or making any form of payment. We are not responsible for any cost your may incur.


For further information on table of content and the materials that will be make available to you, kindly follow this link AVEVA’s PDMS – (Plant Design Management System)