Improve your Chances of Getting Hired by Studying Abroad

Improve your Chances of Getting Hired by Studying Abroad

Improve your Chances of Getting Hired by Studying Abroad

Travelling and studying abroad has fascinated students since time immemorial. Students in the East wish to travel to the West and vice-versa. Countries like UK, USA, and Australia offer lucrative propositions to foreign nationals, thereby initiating mass migrations every year. The East intrigues the Westerners for its heritage and cultural diversity.


Why, according to a study titled “Indian student mobility to selected European countries: An overview” by IIM – Bangalore, from 2000-2009 the number of Indian students going overseas increased by 25%.


This comes to show that living in a foreign country is appealing for all its diverse cultural practices and recreational opportunities, but the question we need to ask is, can it work miracles for your career?


A highly debatable topic, the answer to this question has been in the cross-fire for its pros and cons. Although you can improve your chances of getting hired by studying abroad, there is a flip side to the coin as well.


However, we shall be focussing on the positives a bit more, so here is what you need to know:


Global Exposure

Perhaps one of the best reasons for pursuing a degree abroad, living in a foreign country gives you the opportunity to see the world first-hand. You participate in the daily life of the residents and get a glimpse of their customs and practices. In the eyes of a recruiter, international exposure of any kind is considered meritorious because:


  • You interact with individuals of different nationalities.
  • You travel to different places, amassing professional skills along the way.
  • You get to intern or work part-time with leading organizations.
  • You study a course which is totally different from that in your home country, thereby widening your knowledge base.


Amassed skills

As mentioned above, studying abroad will equip you with unimaginable skills and attributes. Every country has its own method and medium of teaching. You can choose a major subject and work on your hobbies as well, side-by-side. For example, you could choose chemistry as your main subject and take up finance, photography, and editing as additional coursework.


The benefits of such a selection are many as you gain knowledge about several domains at the same time. When you get back to your home country, you could work as a teacher, a financial consultant, a writer, or a science journalist.


The opportunities are many, and hiring managers will definitely be impressed by your resume as the skills attained in one discipline could supplement those of another discipline.


Improved Personality

It has been gleaned through experience that students who have survived a stint abroad have returned with increased vigour and confidence as opposed to those who did not find the experience enjoyable. All that international exposure and continuous interaction with varied ethnic groups adds a zing to one’s personality.


Recruiters all across the globe appreciate candidates who have an immaculate dressing sense, a confident stance, and a great command over their communication skills. By studying abroad there is a greater chance that you hone the aforementioned skills as back home, you are more complacent and less open to change.


Better Contacts

With LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, much has been said and written about effective networking. Building professional contacts has become a necessary mandate in the 21st century as a large number of people are being hired through online portals. LinkedIn is one social networking site that is the current market leader in its specific domain.


When you study abroad, you will get the opportunity to meet hundreds of individuals, including eminent personalities, relationship with whom will prove to be very beneficial in the long run. International link-building has always worked in the favour of a candidate looking to work overseas.


Moreover, if you are able to get a recommendation from international professionals, it will be another feather in your employment hat – and a big one at that.


Varied Course Structure

As discussed before, the course structure abroad is definitely going to be different from what is being taught back home. With increased variety will come enhanced knowledge which will not only add-on to your intellect, but will improve your chances of getting hired as well. Recruiters prefer individuals with a superior skill-set. A vast plethora of learning on your resume will make it go viral and ensure that you get placed in a great company.


Hands-on Experience

The curriculum abroad is such that you get the opportunity to work while studying. Be it a short internship or a prolonged part-time job, the avenues to grow as people are endless. As a student:

  • You can do research work while in college.
  • You can work part-time with any company.
  • You can work on your hobbies.
  • You can enrol in additional courses like a diploma or a certificate course over the weekend.


When applying for a job overseas, recruiters check how active you are. From conducting background checks to going over your online profiles, every little aspect about your being is analysed and judged. So take care that you put your best foot forward.


The Flip Side

The positives are many, yes, but there is always a downside to every practice. Many recruiters feel that simply possessing international experience is not sufficient to describe your mental acumen. As a candidate you might pretend to have a confident personality without the right skills to meet the requirements of the targeted job profile.


Hence, what you need to do is to strive relentlessly towards professional and personal growth by ensuring that you glean maximum benefit from your overseas expedition.


Author Bio: Tina Jindal is a professional content writer who works on a variety of topics like employment, real estate, and education. A career advisor for, she has been involved with renowned publications as well. You can contact her @Gmail | LinkedIn | Google+.