Comparison Between MBBS And BDS In The Medical Field

Comparison Between MBBS And BDS In The Medical Field

Comparison Between MBBS And BDS In The Medical Field

There has always been close rivalry between Dentists and Medical Doctors . The major bone of contention is a power struggle for honor and respect.


So many people would accept admission to study Bachelor Of Dental Surgery (BDS) with intentions to move to Bachelor in Medicine and Surgery (MBBS) along the line.


Here are five reasons a student revealed to express his thoughts on the fact that it is not really a good idea


1. Honor: The major reasons that I was reluctant to choose Dentistry was because I liked the title “Doctor or Surgeon” but amazingly Dentists, no matter their specialty  become members of the Federation of State Medical Boards (FCVS), even before their fellow counterparts and also bears the title Dentist Surgeon and Doctor.


2. Salary Scale: Many people feel that Doctors earn higher but the fact is they earn the same amount with some Dentists earning higher. So if it is about the money don’t think any further, opt in for Dentistry.


3. Self Employment: Most dentist find it easier to start a Dental Clinic but Doctors find it more difficult to be self employed. Though starting a dental practice is very expensive but many financial institutions always show interest to help you start up.


4. Saving lives: Medical Doctors are not only the life saver, Dentists save lives and improve peoples health too. Dentists have their own emergencies and pay attention to your health. They can save you from HIV, diabetes and specialist performs complex life changing surgeries.


5. A Normal Life: Dentists don’t have to wake up at midnight to answer emergencies.This means that they can have  closer relationships with their loved ones including a better family life.


Note: This article is not aimed to degrade one field but to allow minds remain in BDS and see value for their courses. It is only but a comparison between MBBS and BDS. Your contribution and positive arguments are welcome below in the comment box.

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