7 least stressful Health Care professions in Nigeria

7 least stressful Health Care professions in Nigeria

7 least stressful Health Care professions in Nigeria

The importance of health care cannot be undermined in any society that has the interest and well being of its citizens at heart.


Health care professions are among the best paying professions in Nigeria and in many part of the world. It is not only about the monetary aspect, this career path offers higher job security as well.


Although, many professions within the health care sector can be demanding and time intensive, there are many that are less stressful and with excellent take home package.


One of the factors that increases workplace productivity is when there is a conducive working environment devoid of severe stress and work pressure.


If you are planning to pursue a career within the health care sector in Nigeria, it might be important that you consider any one of the following profession if your main priority is stress.


Remember that less stressful profession will help you in future to create a good balance between your career and family.


1. Chiropractor

2. Therapist

3. Pathologist

4. Dental Hygienist

5. Dietitian

6. Audiologist

7. Medical Laboratory Technician

If there is any career missing from this list we wish to add. feel free to let us know about it.


Are you working in any of theses listed professions? Do you consider it less stressful or not?

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