19 Classes Of People You Will Find In Every Work Place


19 Classes Of People You Will Find In Every Work Place

Going to work and watching people playing out what you read on NL is such a beautiful sight to behold.

This thread may not be appreciated by those who haven’t had the opportunity to really work with others.

In my few years of working in several places with different people, I’ve managed to gather a little here and a little there of people’s attitude & comportment at their places of work.


Below Are 19 Sets Of People You Will Find In Every Work Place.


1. Those who don’t like the boss.

They’re always at loggerheads with him/ her. When he/she is talking, their heads are bowed.
Funny enough, they’re good at their job! Odawise, na sack get them!


2. The young pretty ladies who dress to KILL!

It is like they are there for one purpose: To oppress! Nawa o! If you watch them carefully for one month, dem no dey repeat cloth! Some nor dey repeat perfume gan!


3. The Newbies

Newbies who just got recruited and are trying to fit in (blend). During staff meetings, they’re always asking too many questions from “flats to grants” thus delaying the closing time. Seeing them makes you feel a Boss! haha, you know the ropes!


4. The Sanguines. (Outspoken Ones)

Dem just employ dem last week and by the following week, dem know everybody name and department, even to their phone numbers! (esp. if they’re girls). The ladies that were there before them be like: you think say you go just come today come dey snatch our men abi? You go see! Which men? Guys wey you been dey form? A beg, No. 5 joor!


5. The Solo guy (Weirdo)

The Solo guy (Weirdo) who acts as a “low life” but he has been eyeing a female worker for years! If you get close enough to him and ask him, he’ll confide in you. He is just too fearful and shy to approach her. He has her number oo! How na?


6. The set of colleagues who always work together. They speak same language. Anyone coming into their circle (clique) just automatically gets lost. (mostly guys)


7. The lady who is known as INFORMATION CENTRE, CNN or Aproko! How she gets her information, we know not. But she seems to know who is currently in a relationship, single or about to get married.

“She sees through the dark”
Before you approach Chidinma in that office, she knows you will. She has been watching you!
Such a one, don’t confide!


8. The Religious Sister, (Christian or Muslim). For the Christian, tomorrow, Monday, expect handbill from her inviting you to one programme or another. The Muslim sisters: we nor dey see their pretty and long hairs…#winks#


9. The Player: This guy doesn’t talk much neither does he give ladies attention. They want him and I don’t know why! #ha#


He has only spent 9 months in the organization and has gotten laid over 4 females. #wow# I salute you!


10. The Good Guy who helps ladies meet their target. They like him.

Him second name na FRIENDZONE!
When his friends at work asks him, “how far you and Jennifer na ?” Him go say, I dey wait for the right time! LOOOOL!
Iffa hear say you open your mouth one day!


11. The serious dude who is always punctual to work. He is the eldest in his family and to lose his job is the last thing on his mind.

His family depends on his salary! Therefore, he is purpose-driven. Employers like this kind enh…


12. The 30+ lady who dresses to work in an archaic manner and you begin wonder, Is she a Nun, Once Married, Married or Single?


13. The Boss’ Beloved (e.g A female boss) This guy is the boss’ favorite not because he is too hardworking. He just knows HOW to talk to his boss. He watches carefully and he takes the Emotional Lane. #grins# He has a way with words. He gets her little things that adds value to her at her age. lol!

Her boss always find a reason to keep him! #widegrin#


14. Mr. Ajakpu that likes coming late. The late comer! The “Information Centre” even said, he and his wife are having issues…lol

His employment is hanging by a thread.
#Na sack remain oo#


15. The good girl who is emotional. She cooks and brings food for a guy in the office.

The guy broke her tender heart and that ended her being nice to guys.
She ignore advances from any guy at all: at work, in church, a wedding…

She Is Recovering From The Heart Attack! Lol


16. The strong-willed lady who walks like a man! lol

They like over-sabi en! They think that by showing how “good” and “fluent” they are in Vocabs, guys will get attracted. Mbanu!
Before you talk one, they’ll cut you short, and talk five”
They can Quote you on NL enh! Blind Quoting ooo!


17. The Corpers.

Incase these single, sexy and sassy ladies were sent to your company, watch out o!
Some of them are there to catch just ONE using anything!
They’ve vowed NEVER to go empty!
Oh boy, zip up your mouth and your zips ooo, ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD OOO! Stick to your girl…!


18. The Bbm lady. At any free space, you’ll see her with her bbm, pinging things! Na so she go dey smile. Small time, she go go corner, answer call with a sober face (BF calling)…you go think say marriage don near. For where! Two years don come and go, she still dey ping and buy asuebi…

#Oh God, intervene #


19. The TGIF workers who are barely managing the work. They’re just not serious with work. Every Friday evening, check their BBM profile, TGIF BABY, CLUB THINGS ON MY MIND,



Culled from Niaraland

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