UNIZIK SUG President’s Letter To Zikites On The Ongoing Crisis

UNIZIK SUG President's Letter To Zikites On The Ongoing Crisis

UNIZIK SUG President’s Letter To Zikites On The Ongoing Crisis

l refrain from sounding in this tone but the vice chancellor has declared war. As the president of the student’s union Government,the peace of the university community and environs is my utmost priority but with the denigrating situation l can see that the university management is less concerned.


Information reaching me confirms that the students Representative council has been compromised and the speaker has been given an Ultimatum to impeach a sitting president before the 19th of this month,they will need to follow layed down constitutional procedures but more than 4 stages of that procedures has been breached at the time of writing this.


It is disheartening that PRO of this great institution in whom l had revered is busy releasing bunch of lies to the press what do l expect? He’s trying not to get fired.


Let it be noted that dialogue has failed as access to the vice chancellor has been denied by his Personal Assistant,the vice chancellor is bent on winning. He is taking it as a fight.


Gone are the days when students ask Questions. These days, students are wanted dead because a lecturer doesn’t want to answer a Question, please what else are we doing in UNIZIK? it is indeed pathetic.


Dear Zikites, if l eventually go down ,be rest assured l did what you sent me to do.


My removal from office will be the genesis of the worst to befall our great institution under the present administration.


I really can’t stand aside and look while human rights going down the drain.


Let Aluta continua,the spirit is within.