5 Reasons why Nigerian Students are not appreciative of Nigerian made Education Mobile Apps

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I have reasons why I started this topic and beside I have talked with some Nigerian education mobile app developers and they acknowledge the existence of this problem.


Whenever a new foreign mobile app goes viral, Nigerians will join the trend and in some case, we will download the application even more than the country it originated from.


When it comes to Nigeria made app, most people will look in a different direction and some will try to bring the developers down.


From my personal experience, I recently develop a Chemistry Android App called Classic Chemistry. This app is targeted to Nigeria Students studying or planning to write chemistry exams like WAEC.


Since I published this Classic Chemistry App in Google Play Store, I have had downloads from India, United States, United Kingdom and other countries but not much from Nigeria.


The app has received 5/5 in review. I have also received wonderful emails from users in different countries telling me how much they love my app and how it has helped them in their studies but not any from Nigeria.


After talking to few other mobile app developers, I come to the conclusion that these five reasons are the contributing factors why Nigerian students are not appreciative of Nigerian made Education mobile apps.


1. Nigerians prefer foreign mobile apps than Nigeria made apps


2. Most Nigerians have the illusion that mobile apps made by Nigerians are of low quality.


3. With Education apps, most Nigerians do not like reading because there are many ways to pass exam.


4. Sheer lack of money to pay for Data bundles


5. They prefer charting, ‘Facebooking” than studying.


Please if you feel that something is missing, feel free to add yours in the comment section.

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