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I am looking for a thesis topic on Integrated Science
Posted by ToscanyAcademy
Asked on June 11, 2014 11:25 am


1. The application of vegetation indices for crop observing in precision agriculture
2. The application of smartphone to derive the leaf area index
3. Integrating diverse reference dataset for calibrating and validating for universal land cover maps
4. High resolution tropical forest exploration to quantify land use concentration in Lagos, Nigeria
5. Habitationobserving of riverine ecosystems applying high-resolution images from unmanned aerial platforms
6. Gis and marine atmosphere
7. Assessment of forest biomass with terrestrial and airborne lidar
8. Assessingfears in vegetation areas applying design-based and model-based methods
9. Developing alerting services from crop observing time-series in precision agriculture
10. Distinguishing long-term increase of flood plain vegetation structure applyingshared optical and lidar data sources: a case for the geldersepoortregion (1999-2009)
11. An inventive data fusion technique to model ecological proceduresprevailing spatial distribution of boreal tree species in the Yukon terrain
12. Systematicmethod and modelling for farms from a business engineering and information systems view
13. Examinationof microbial communities connected in nitrate-shunt procedures. Application to pig slurry in Europe
14. Impacts on the make-up and presentarrangement of the landscape environment on the forest flower biodiversity
15. Arithmetical modelling of recurring events. Empirical study of estimators, taking account of a temporal covariable and application to water network errors
16. Animpact to modelling agricultural spraying: atomisation and transportation
17. Enhancements and growths in a parallel probability technique for rain conjecturing. Application to hydrological conjecturing in the large river basins of Niger state
18. Hourly flood predicting: refining the assimilation of flow data in a hydrological model
19. The environmental effect of human medicines on the natural environment: evaluation of exposure and biological impacts for freshwater ecosystems
20. Herbivore pressure and alteration in plant communities-short-and medium-term impact of deer populations on forest plant variety
21. The support of experimental data and external data for refining spectrophotometer calibration
22. An analysis of clogging in native irrigation systems
23. Resuspension by a gravity flow: application to simulated snow avalanches
24. An evaluation of the aeration method for treating livestock farming waste
25. Describing the development of woody root systems in dykes
26. The prospect of close-range hyperspectral imaging as a phenotyping tool: application to the nitrogen concentration in millet
27. The interpretation of the sensation of snow in rain and flow models
28. The ecological implication of acquired tolerance to anthropic contamination in river biofilm microbial communities
29. Illustrating Mediterranean shrub cover formations to increase ozone-pollution foretelling
30. Ahead ofboosting slurry dehydration: the joint contribution of rheology, thermodynamics and physico-chemistry

Posted by ToscanyAcademy
Answered On June 11, 2014 11:28 am