What 2016 JAMB Examination Date tells me. I don’t know about you

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What 2016 JAMB Examination Date tells me. I don’t know about you

It is a general knowledge that JAMB has set a date on the 29th February for the 2016 JAMB examination in Nigeria.


For those planning to sit for the coming JAMB exam we all know how important it is for us and our future.


If you must score above the cut-off mark for your chosen programs then this is the time to understand what JAMB exam date is telling you.


For me the time is near. There is no other time to get ready with JAMB exam preparation than now.


This is what I am focusing on. I don’t know about you but we are here to share knowledge that will be beneficial to all of us.


Steps I am taking now


1. To cover JAMB Syllabi for my selected subjects

I will make sure I cover all the topics in each of the subjects I will sit for in JAMB. It will not be easy but I have gone far since I started my preparation since last years ending.


2. To cover all past JAMB questions and solutions for my selected subjects

Testing yourself with JAMB questions is a better way to get an insight on how prepared you are. There are many online websites where you can get a free access or paid access to all JAMB past exam questions and solutions in Nigeria.


3. I have my exam slip and other exam materials in a safe reach now

I don’t want anything that will put me in a position to start looking for any of my required exam material on the day of the exam. I have arranged and put them in my safe reach.


4. I have developed a well plan schedule and reading time table

Nothing beats being organize in whatever thing you do in life. With my planned schedule and reading time table, I always know how much work I have done and what remains to be done.


With my set out plan, I am convinced that I will do better in 2016 JAMB exam. If you will sit for chemistry, this resource might be valuable to you.


I will like to know how you are getting ready for 2016 JAMB exam.

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  1. Maryam Bello

    Feb 02. 2016

    I prayed i pass my upcoming jamb exam insha Allah (ameen)

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