How to use Simple Android Calculator App for Studies rather than buy a calculator

Android calculator

Calculator has played an important role in education especially when it comes to mathematics, engineering, physics, chemistry and many other subjects.


Calculations that would have taken human brain to solve in years are done with the help of a calculator in few seconds.


This tool has made studying calculation related subjects a breeze.


One down size of getting a calculator machine is how much it might cost a student. Some calculators are cheap while some are very expensive. The cost also depends on the features the calculator has.


The aim of this post is not to telling you where you can buy a good calculator machine or the cost of calculator but rather to inform you that you can as well have a full functional calculator without paying a dire.


This is possible if you have a smart device that runs on Android operating system.


We at has design a simple calculator and a scientific calculator for your usage and it is for free.


If you are interested to test our new android calculator app or make it a companion app in your android device then head over to Google Play Store and get your own copy immediately.


The name of our android calculator app is Daily Pocket Calculator. Feel free to search it with this name in Google Play Store.


If you want to learn the steps we took to develop this android Daily Pocket Calculator then you should follow the android tutorial link.


Please download this app and let us know if there is something to improve or modify.

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